baking with KIDS

My rules for baking with kids:

  • Give myself extra time and an extra prayer for patience!
  • Give our goodies away…it’s only fair to share and then I don’t gobble them up myself! What neighbor doesn’t like homemade goodies?
  • Get Paige involved as much as possible.  It may get messy but she LOVES it. She even cracks eggs (I let her crack one at a time in a small bowl so that I can deal with eggshells each time and not mess up the whole batch).
  • Make an extra batch of goodies with out the kids so they are “germ free” (we try so hard to keep Paige from licking her fingers and then sticking them back in the bowl but she just cannot help herself!) This is important if you are planning on giving them away as gifts!
  • Make baking a project for Daddy!  Since I do not enjoy baking very often, she usually does this with Daddy! It’s a win/win because they bake, they bond and there are goodies to show for it in the end!

These pictures are from last Christmas 2009…she just loved it and asks almost every day if she can help us in the kitchen! How cute is she?

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