Try not to be a Valentine’s Day hater this year

So may I be the first to remind you all that the 1 month countdown to Valentine’s Day begins today!  I have always loved Valentine’s Day because it is my birthday!  I cannot get enough of the romance, hearts, flowers, gifts, chocolate, celebration of loved ones, nice dinners, conversation hearts…I can even go for cute teddy bears this time of year…everything about it is a small reflection of me. But it doesn’t have to be the only time of  year that we tell others how much we love them. And in my opinion it does not have to be a holiday that is exclusively for people in love…it can be for aunts, neighbors, kids…our dogs…our roommates and our teachers…its just a great time of year to remember how much we love the people in our lives and to show them.  So while i know there are some “Valentine’s Day Haters” out there and I can understand why. I am begging you to reconsider and please (for me…just this year) give Valentine’s Day a chance!  I will attempt to show you a ton of fun ideas over the next month to make it special for someone (anyone) in your life and maybe at the end you will decide it is not such a bad holiday after all! My hope is that in general this blog can spur you on to celebrate your loved ones all year, but lets start here for now! Here’s to hoping I can at least make a few new Valentine believers!
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One Response to Try not to be a Valentine’s Day hater this year

  1. Jessica Young January 15, 2011 at 5:34 PM #

    Hi Laura! I’ve always been a “hater” and Jared along with me : ) BUT a couple of weeks ago I told him that I wanted to celebrate Valentines Day (or “go over to the dark side” as he might think of it). Anyway, I’m excited to read you upcoming posts and get some good ideas on how to do that! : )

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