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This was Aaron’s amazing vegetable garden that he created and took care of in our old home (you may not be able to see the changes over time but it really grew and was amazing). He’s an incredible gardener and I sure love the “fruit” of his labor!
He built these beds with scrap wood from a deck he had taken apart earlier that year…and filled it with our own compost.

We had so much success with composting that he built this amazing bin (below) that kept the pests out and the compost moving.  He is so handy!

Paigey used to play behind this little wall of peas and snap them off and eat them whenever she pleased! It was so cute.

I came up with a fun Father’s Day gift a few years ago based on this hobby of his. I painted some wooden scrap signs just for him! Paige and I made this “Daddy’s Vegetable Garden” sign and another little “I LOVE YOU” sign with her hand prints (I think I even put Grant’s baby hand print on it). We also painted a bunch of small signs with the names of veggies that he had planted or would be planting in his garden to use as plant markers. This was not a fancy gift but it meant a lot to him because it showed him that we care about the things he cares about (and it did not cost a thing…so that was an added bonus all around).

We didn’t end up using the veggie markers there but he recently put them up in our yard where he has yet again made a few beds and planted some of our favorite things! I’ll have to tell you all about that soon!
What will you be making for the special Dads in your life this year?
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