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Here are a few some-what HOME-MADE gift ideas! They would be great for friends, Sunday-school teachers or even neighbors! But let’s talk teachers for a moment! Don’t our kid’s precious teachers deserve the best?  They are so wonderful and do so much for our kids. It never seems like enough to give them a small little gift during the holidays…but I always hope to do at least something beyond thanking them almost everyday in person!  When Paige was just 3 and in her first preschool class I adored her teachers! That year I decorated a small Christmas tree for her teacher that lived in the country and would potentially plant it! It was somewhat personal and cute! For her “gardening-loving” teacher I gave a kit to “grow your own” amaryllis plant in the hopes that she would actually use it! I simply attached a cute tag to both packages that said “Thank you for helping Paige BLOOM this year” and included some home-made goodies for them to munch on (see below). If I were to do it over again I would change the word BLOOM to BLOSSOM or GROW. But even now I still like how it turned out and hope they did too!
At that time Paige was becoming our little Squirrel which was a nice way of calling her a little robber (her teachers were aware since things were finding their way home via her pockets and out of their classroom). With this in mind I decided to call my home-made mix “Paige’s Squirrel Mix” instead of the usual “Puppy Chow” or “Muddy Buddies” (and I gave it a “nutty” twist to make it more fun)! Hopefully they enjoyed eating it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Check out how I made the yummy mix HERE.
What are you making home-made this year?
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