collecting shells & counting {BLESSINGS}

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we had a fun trip down to the central coast. We spent Thanksgiving day with my Dad’s cousin at his wonderful restaurant McPhee’s Grill in Templeton, CA.  {As a side note…If you have not been there you are missing out! And I’m not just saying that because I love Ian.  It really is wonderful!} Anyhow, we had a sweet time of catching up with him, talking a lot about my Dad, missing my Dad and laughing…we tried to be thankful that we got so many years with him and not focus on his absence.  I love hearing Ian’s stories about them growing up together and although it was a sad day we put on happy faces and did honestly do our best make the most of it. So we counted our blessing and stuffed our faces (two things I’m generally pretty good at)! It was beautiful down there (as always) and the trip ended with a stop at the beach in Cambria to collect shells and hang by the water. The beach is my happy place. I love it! I love the treasure hunt of collecting shells and rocks that are unique. I love the water, the colors, the sound of the waves…even rocky sand in my toes. The kids always have a ball when we hang by the water…so fun was had by all.Hope you are counting your blessings and collecting memories during these special holiday events and as the new year approaches!
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