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::The Gorman Sister’s Shirley Temple Drink::
What you need:
Gingerale Soda (I prefer Canada Dry)
Maraschino Cherries
Add ice to a small cup. Add a splash of Grenadine (less than one shot) and a few cherries. Pour chilled Gingerale over the top and stir. Sip to make sure the ratio seems right and add more soda if it is too sweet or more Grenadine if it is not sweet enough! Enjoy!
We simply LOVE to drink Shirley Temple drinks around here. They are sweet, non-alcoholic and pretty this time of year (any time really)!
When I was a little girl there were 3 little old ladies who lived down the street from us named Margaret, Helen and Genevieve Gorman.  They were sisters who had grown up in the same home their whole lives and never gotten married or moved away.  They were like sweet Grandma’s to us when we lived in Colorado and all of our relatives were so far away (mostly in California)! They played dress-up & beauty shop with us and taught us to do puzzles and play poker! They showed us how to do many practical things like sewing {we made our own mini aprons with them} along with gardening and baking! Occasionally they would host a movie night with “tickets” and popcorn…we would watch old slides from their trips to places like Hawaii. Their love of music introduced us to Elvis and Bing Crosby (on the record player of course) and we often played their piano or dance all over their beautiful home to whatever was playing! When they would host our family for dinner they were very traditional about it.  First we had “cocktail hour” and they truly made my parents cocktails while we sat around the “sitting room” and ate peanuts and snacks! During this magical little hour they would let my sister and I help in the small butler’s pantry off their tiny kitchen {a special honor for two little girls}. We got to mix the drinks, add olive picks {that they had collected during their travels} to cherries and serve the guests their cocktails of choice. For the kids they always made Shirley Temples drinks and this is the way they taught us to make them! Restaurants usually use Sprite or 7up (and they are just not the same)! Hope you try these out and love them as much as we do!
The Gorman Sisters are no longer with us and I miss them often!  I’m thankful for all their lessons…but mostly for the gift of abundant LOVE that they lavished upon me and my family! I hope you teach someone you love how to make the Gorman Sister’s Shirley Temple Drink this holiday season or for just about any special occasion!
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