recipe ROUND-UP {sweets for your SWEETS}

{we made these brownies the other day | check it out below}

Check out this recipe ROUND-UP for all the sweets in your life!

Are you making your sweeties Breakfast in Bed?

Purple & Pink-a-licious PANCAKES

Do you need something fun to bring to the Kids Class or Teacher…or perhaps an Office Party?
Nana’s SUGAR COOKIES {cut into heart shapes}
CAKE POPS {with pink chocolate}
Maybe you staying home and making a special dessert after a Sweet Heart Dinner?
COFFEE & ICE CREAM DESSERT {this is great with hot chocolate too}
Gabrielle’s CREPES
Whatever you do…ENJOY!


Brownies with Cherry Icing

brownie mix of choice & ingredients needed to make
{i used a gluten-free mix from Trader Joe’s}
chocolate chips
{i used a cup of mini chocolate chips}
powdered sugar
jar of maraschino cherries
decorative cup cake liners {optional}

To Make:
Simply make brownies according to the packages directions. Add chocolate chips to brownie batter {i used a cup of mini chocolate chips} and stir gently. Bake according to directions or add to cute cup cake liners and adjust baking time by reducing it to about 1/2 the time {so as not to burn them}. I had to play around with the timing a little. Another easy option is to bake them in a pan {as directed} and then cut them into shapes if you prefer. A brownie tastes like a brownie…regardless of its shape, right? While the brownies are baking, mix the juice from jarred maraschino cherries with powdered sugar {I mixed about 1 tablespoon juice per 1/2 cup of powdered sugar…but I honestly did not measure} until you reach desired consistency. If it’s too thick- add more juice and if its too thin- add more powdered sugar. Once your brownies have slightly cooled you can drizzle the cherry icing over according to your preference.

The cherry flavor is subtle…but the icing is pink and my sweet girl loved it!

*if you do not like cherry flavor with chocolate you can simply make the brownies and top them with this Peanut Butter Icing instead! It’s delicious! Trust me!

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