flowerFRENZY {more crepe paper flowers}

I’m in love with real flowers. I’m in love with hand-made flowers. I have a huge board of pins on a Pinterest board that I named flowerFRENZY…check it out HERE. My mom and her mom and her sisters are amazing gardeners who seem to know the names of every flower in the world. I have spent many outings with one or all of them at gardens or nursery’s {for fun}. So now that the flowers of this earth seem to be blooming all around us I decided to bring some of the outdoors in. Here are a few quick crepe-paper beauties that I made in about 10 minutes or so. You can see a few other things I’ve done with crepe paper HERE.
::materials needed::
crepe paper
glue stick
cardboard or card-stock {in the shape of a small scrap or circle}
Cut a bunch of petals, various sizes until you reach the desired affect.
After you cut out all the petals simply glue, twist and arrange them into a flower {see steps below}!
 Yep…I used craft glue stick! It worked great!
 And then you can make the inside!

 And there you have it. Enjoy making these blooms or something like them from Pinterest!
More spring crafts {& how I used these} to come another time!
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