getting crafty for st. patrick’s day

I don’t have any St. Patrick’s Day decorations. It’s always fun for us to eat Corned Beef {something I don’t care for but make for my husband once a year}, wear green and listen to Irish music but it’s just not something we celebrate in a huge way around here. However, I wanted to create something green and cute to make that day{and our fun dinner} more special. Some time ago I came across a few cute little projects HERE @ the nesting place and they sort of stuck with me. I was inspired to make my own twist on these projects using just four materials and little bit of my time, on a Saturday afternoon. This is what I came up with.
::material needed::
paint chips {or card stock}
washi tape {i found this four pack at Target}
circle punch {i used this Martha Stewart brand punch from Micheal’s}
 punch out paint chip circles {this one is approximately 1 inch}
attach paint chip circles to yarn with washi tape {i alternated my green colors but you can do all the same or an exact pattern if you prefer}
fold a piece of washi tape in half {over the string of yarn} attaching it to itself until it makes a little flag
cut a small pointed banner shape with two quick snips {see picture below} to the end of your washi tape flag
continue until you reach desired length
You will end up with a cute little pile of goodness that you can string up just about anywhere! This is a quick and fun project for any color combo or occasion! Change it up with different string or by stapling or hot gluing your paint chip circles to the string or even using card stock instead of paint chips! Good Luck!

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