going on a little media fast

I have decided that I am going on a little media fast…hoping to enjoy my kids more and take in all that summer has to offer. I will be back real soon {maybe a few weeks or so}. I have been feeling convicted for a while that I am spending too much time on my blog, Facebook and even at times my phone {on games and Instagram}. One of the chapters from THIS book got me thinking a few months ago about all this. And then another chapter in THIS book made me really start to think about how I spend my time with my kids. Then I came across THIS article and discovered that while I may want to be the kind of mommy who loves my kids without distractions…I’m not doing a very good job of it right now. I want to be the kind of mommy who is not constantly saying things like “go play over there…” and “I will help you in a few minutes…” and “I just need to read this first…go play” & the list goes on. I do need  my own time {free from the kids} to stay sane…but I need to find a better balance. So off I go to have some summer fun. To get in there with my kids and the things they love doing. To read more books, do more crafts, play more games, make more popsicles, get in the pool with them and sing silly summer songs.
Until then, you may enjoy clicking up top on summerFUN under seasons{4}
P.S. You may see me on Pinterest or Instagram from time to time…Happy Summer!
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