JUNE’s {10 on 9}

That’s right, this month I decided to do 10 pictures on the 9th because I had already planned to feature a week of Travel Tips starting today {in a few hours actually}.We woke up to a sick little guy after just getting through Paige’s illness. She got sick on a trip we took to Texas & Oklahoma that we have not even finished unpacking from. She was pretty down and out for 5 days. Unfortunately Grant must have picked it up and that meant a sad boy, no church and no enjoying the company of friends {as planned} today. Thankfully Aunt Fifi was able to come by, bring toys for the kids {like dinosaur eggs that hatch in water} and keep us company. My sweet Paigey girl was in a particularly happy and creative mood…very content to create and do her own thing. To make it even brighter Grammy brought me dinner since I was home bound with Aaron away at work. It was actually a nice day despite vomit & other details I won’t share. Oh and good ol’ Pedialyte was a lovely companion as well! Hope your day was swell!

barf bowl for buzz lightyear/messy house, messy hair, happy girl/this gift wrap brought to you by paigey/lemon love/fridge art/home-made popsicle heaven/aunt fifi showing off more of paige’s creativity/mango lemonade arnold palmer/growing dinosaur eggs/supper for a sicky boy {that all came up 20 minutes later}

As I am looking back over these pictures and their descriptions I realize that it could appear to be a bummer of a day…but it wasn’t. I hope the beauty I found in it can be seen through these images. I think there are blessings that come with the kids being sick. That might sound like a strange statement, and of course I hate to see them suffer, but if I look hard enough it is true.
There are blessings in the fact that:
They need me.
They are learning to trust me.
They want to cuddle and slow down.
The reality is that I know they will suffer in this life as they grow older. I wish I could keep them from pain but I cannot. For now…while they are still little…I can at least help them through it. I can pray over them and take care of them. I can slow down and forget the mess and cuddle. This sacrifice of tending to their every need, around the clock, always helps me to re-shift my thinking towards what really matters in life. Admittedly, I don’t always handle it well as I would like…but I’m getting there. Ultimately my main life goals are to love God, love others and take care of my family…even when I have a messy house or just want to go back to bed. So I feel blessed to have been able to do that today by taking care of my boy {and I’m praying he is on the mend soon}.

ten on ten button

On a totally different note be sure to check out my blog this week for tons of travel tips! There will be something for everyone and lots of Disneyland info! Happy Trails!
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