there she goes

this paigey girl of mine is always on the run. and she is fast. she is in a hurry all.of.the.time!
and she is not just in a hurry to get somewhere or play with her friends or finish her chores…she is in a hurry in life to grow up too fast.
i keep telling her to just stop growing up so fast…but she laughs and tells me that she cannot stay little…that she has to grow-up! and she is right.
why do the years goes so quick, i often ask myself?
it’s not easy watching my baby head towards 6…towards kindergarten…towards make-up and boys and trouble with friends and all the difficult choices that lay ahead for my little girl.
i guess it also means maturing and learning and making kind & good choices and becoming a woman after God’s own heart and being my sweet little companion and friend in the years ahead.
those are my prayers and hopes for her.
so I guess it’s not all bad now is it.
maybe if i get all this off my chest now it won’t be so difficult in August on her first day of kindergarten.
sniffle again.
yeah right…a mommy can dream!
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