JULY’S {10 on 10}

woohoo…I’m finally back in the blogging world. I took a little break from media for a few weeks and it was so good for me. I found my head a little clearer and my kids a little happier! But I just love {10 on 10} so I am back. Hoping to make some changes to my blog soon {more about that to come}! So stay tuned and I sincerely hope you are enjoying your summer and that you had a lovely 10th!
Paige is always working on her smash book these days/ we are loving Britt Nicole’s song & video:Gold  {thanks Auntie Mishawn} / finally getting some art on the walls in the kids room now that it’s all organized / Grant loves telling me all about the bible {i love this little man} / best birthday party favor Paige has ever brought home {thanks Ella} / many hands make light work when unloading the dishwasher {that’s what they say, right?} / shopping list / getting ready for dinner with friends {making Mexican Mountains} / avocado heaven / yes I busted out my old scrapbooks to laugh with our college friends about the good ol’ days {it was a really fun night}
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