31 days {trick or treat}

Dear 31 days,

I’m not sure if this 31 day challenge that I gave myself was a trick or a treat. On the one hand I did sign up for it at the last-minute with absolutely no planning involved and the knowledge that it would be a very busy month for our family…so calling it a trick isn’t really fair. On the other hand this little project was a good way for me to push myself to write almost every day but I don’t know if I would call it a treat either. I truly enjoyed writing letters from my heart about silly things and diving deep into some very serious topics as well {I hope it was all received the way it was intended}.  So I guess you weren’t truly a trick or a treat. Just a challenge. And most challenges have bittersweet elements to them, right. So thanks for coming along with me for 31 days. Hope you had fun and I may {or may not} see you again next October.



P.S. If you have no idea what I am talking about and just wanted some fun Halloween ideas when clicking on this title I apologize for the confusion. You can click on over HERE to discover a full list of letters that I wrote daily in the month of October. I linked up with the Nester and hundreds of other bloggers over HERE under the category: too awesome to categorize. Oh and Happy Halloween!

31 days (250)

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