{plans for the week}

Dear Plans for the Week,

You aren’t going to work out. I tried. I woke up feeling sick Monday morning and I attempted to get the kids to school and do the shopping that needed to be done and check the boxes that needed to be checked. But I just couldn’t do it. I was too sick. By 11:30 AM I was pulling into the driveway and thanking the Lord that Aaron was home and could pick the kids up from school. By 11:35 I was trying to fall asleep and for the last 24 hours and the rest of today I have been in bed. Sleeping, watching movies, sleeping, getting up to go to the bathroom or get the kids a snack. My 31 days of writing letters goal is not going to happen. I’m not packed for our trip as I had hoped to be. Paige’s homework isn’t all done and she wore a strange outfit to school. Grant has barely eaten real food and has been on a media high watching TV ’round the clock. I couldn’t go to MOPS for our Operation Christmas Child packing party today. And where in the world does a person buy pumpkin seeds for a kindergarten class? The kids have survived {Aaron, Grammy & Fifi have been a huge help} and I am going to be okay. Aaron held down the fort, got me food when needed, did laundry and kept the kitchen clean. A friend is co-oping in Grant’s class for me tomorrow. My mom and sister have driven the kids to and from school for me. I have been so blessed. So stop haunting me PLANS. I’m letting you go. There are still things to be done and they just are not going to happen because even if mommy gets sick…time marches on.



P.S. See you next week!

31 days (250)

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