getting organized {maybe}


Every January I think…this is the year I’m going to get organized at home!

Ha. And every January I look back and it didn’t happen. Maybe a few things here or there improved over that past year but it’s never quite what I was aiming for. Each new year I write a post about it {like THIS one} and call it operation ORGANIZATION. Being organized makes our life easier and it helps me to feel more at peace so I am determined to improve this year.We live in a small 3 bedroom place with a small yard, small garage and small living area. Our two bathrooms are tiny. I am not orderly or organized by nature so at times it feels like the walls are caving in on us.

I rely on Aaron’s help a lot {he great at keeping things neat} and I work at just improving little by little. I also believe that if I can get rid of more stuff I can conquer the clutter easier…less stuff around means less stuff to pick up.

So here we go again this year. I don’t have a specific goal in mind but I will know things are improving when there are less piles in every room. We may change some rooms around and Aaron has bought plastic bins for every closet. We finally fit our car in the garage and the kids toys seem to have a decent system now. Our “give away pile” is growing everyday and I am spending a lot of my free time on Pinterest for inspiration.

Check out my Pinterest board here if you need some inspiration this year:  operationORGANIZATION

I will do my best to post as things improve {but don’t hold your breath}!

Do you have any tricks or tips for how you keep the clutter to a minimum and things in their place?

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One Response to getting organized {maybe}

  1. Megan - FireWifey January 21, 2014 at 2:47 PM #

    I try to do a little decluttering every day. Then once a week I spend 2 hours deep cleaning. Then once a month I “spring clean” one room (reorganize, move stuff, etc). If you do one room a month, you get through it each year. I pick one day (usually a Saturday for me) and write it on my calendar. Then I don’t forget or skip it! Good luck, girl!

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