{HOMEgirl} a practical space vs. a beautiful space

Daydreaming about my little boys nursery has been a constant on my mind! I have been crib shopping and blanket shopping and paint shopping and print shopping. I know that I could find a used crib {like on craigslist} or borrow one. I know babies don’t have a clue what their room looks like. I could easily put together a functional space on a shoe string budget. It’s the practical thing to do. The cheap thing to do. But I cannot help myself. With number 3 I am dreaming of a beautiful nursery {check out my pinterest board HERE and my idea board HERE} that all matches and makes my design dreams come true.

Am I the only one who struggles with creating a practical & inexpensive space vs. a beautiful & perfectly matched space in their home? Ideally we all want both…but that’s hard to do. I have a love for design and beauty that often gets overlooked when the reality of our budget and the size of our home hit me! I have always worked well with what I have and what the needs of my home are…but sometimes I just want to do what I want and not think about budget. I typically end up taking any “hand-me-down” that I can get my hands on and shop only for used or discounted items. There is nothing wrong with this method and most of the time I like the challenge of it. We borrowed a perfectly cute crib and changing table for Paige and Grant. Both worked great and served their purpose. However, this time around I am hopeful that I can create a beautiful space that may cost a little more than usual but will help to make at least one room in our tiny home feel really special! We have decided to combine our “office” with the baby’s room so from a design point of view I would love it all to coordinate and be functional at the same time. I will post some of my recent shopping finds and some of the ideas that are still stewing in the next few weeks {my brain is in a constant state of “nesting” these days}!

I may not get to choose a beautiful space over a practical space every time…but maybe I can land somewhere in the middle more often!


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