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My sweet Blake is a fussy baby. Honestly people think he is easy because he doesn’t cry a lot when we are out and about. Well…he does cry. If I am not holding him, he cries. I mean cries almost any time I’m not holding him. He has some acid reflux issues and gas and all sorts of fun things that go on in his system. He is in pain a lot, he is a light sleeper and while we are figuring some of that out he really just wants to be held. ALL. THE. TIME.

I wrote about this on Instagram a month ago. See the picture below. This adorable boy was my cool-dude shopping buddy but he was not so cool to shop with that day. This was the quick smile I got after 10 minutes of screaming in the dressing room. And I mean screaming.

This may be TMI…but I was trying on nursing bras {a super fun activity I know}. He was upset because I had the nerve to put him down after an hour of walking the mall with him in the wrap. Logic told me if I held him close in the wrap for an hour he would give me 20 minutes to try on bras. Come on buddy. Couldn’t you have worked with me? This was not a frivolous activity…I really just needed one nursing bra. I’m pretty sure I was leaking and sweating when I finally just asked the poor Nordstrom girl to give me a few minutes to feed him. She looked like a deer in the headlights. I was trying to keep my cool but there is only so much a hormonal new mom can take. Why couldn’t he have just been cool for like five minutes? But that’s the thing about babies. They don’t get it. They can’t always work with ya. They are needy {some more than others} and they are going to interrupt your life. ALL. THE. TIME.

Today was tough. We were home from vacation and needed to adjust to the time change on very little sleep. We needed to finish up homework before the kids go back to school, get laundry going, unpack, buy groceries and I was hoping to finish & post this hours ago but Blake needed me all day. All day. Aaron was back at work and life just had to go on. So I was either holding Blake and getting nothing done or listening to him scream while getting a few things done. Either way it was stressful. He was interrupting everything I wanted to do today.

But the laundry can wait. The blog can wait. The house can get messy. It’s really not that important. The great thing about a third baby is the perspective to know that in a year I will forget all about this particular day. And while he is such a needy {and adorable} human we will find our rhythm. Thank goodness his cuteness wins me over every time and being interrupted doesn’t seem so bad after all!



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