{not a park mom}

I really want to be a park mom. But I’m not.

I want to say I HATE going to the park with my kids but I don’t actually HATE it. It’s a strong dislike.

Sometimes it’s okay.

The kids run in a million different directions from each other and from me.

There are a million ways for them to get hurt {or germs}.

They rarely have bathrooms.

And where is the darn shade?

And oh how I despise finding sand/bark in their shoes for days after going.

Sometimes there are mean kids {and their parents seem to be clueless or missing all-together}.

And when I meet friends it seems like we cannot even talk unless we completely ignore the kids {although this is hard any time I’m with friends & the kids}.


We all have our things we like and dislike. Even us mommies.

You can have the park…I’ll be hanging with my kids playing board games or watching a movie!


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