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Two years ago I wrote about wanting to blog again. It was November of 2019 and I gave myself a year to get going. Well then 2020 happened and I find myself here – just a few days from November of 2021. I’m ready to blog again. I don’t know what it may look like. But I’m doing it. Happy Autumn and thanks for being here! xo- Laura

Post from 11/2019:

Is Blogging Even a Thing Anymore?

Well so much for BLOGGING. I think I’m back again. Perhaps.

I truly believed (for the past several years) that I would make the time to blog again in this little space. And then the years kept slipping by. The kids are growing so quickly and every year the dynamics change as they grow and want more of our face-to-face attention. These days our plates are full in the Panfilio home. Full in the best ways…but nonetheless very full!

So my first question is: do I have time to blog?

And here is another thought: is blogging even a thing anymore?

It seems that blogging has been replaced. People have so many options with podcasts and YouTube and Instagram (all things I enjoy immensely myself). Will blogging stand the test of time? To my surprise, some of my friends have asked me to blog again and told me they enjoyed it. I guess that means there are a few of you who look at this thing. I truly enjoyed creating in this space for about seven years – but still. Will this even be something worth investing my time into again?

I don’t know- I don’t have answers for any of these questions but I thought it may be time to find out.

I’m giving myself a little over a year to use this space again. If I don’t use it somewhat regularly by January 1st, 2021 I’m going to let it go. And if I do use it, maybe I’ll have the answers to my questions a year from now. I may have to ask you over on Instagram! Wink, wink.

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