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Do you read BLOGS? I do! I love them.
I love the way they inspire me, teach me, show me new skills and usually just cheer me up.  If you don’t read a lot of blogs I would encourage you to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of joe and check out some of my favorites here: blogs that i LOVE
Happy Reading!

random NOVEMBER day

Hello Again. Is anyone else as busy as we seem to be? Today has been a random November day for us.

We have been a busy with chores and I am attempting to go make THIS stew from the one and only Pioneer Woman tonight. A few weeks ago I was in Kansas City with friends for a MOPS convention. It was amazing and life changing {but I have not had a chance to write about that yet}. And last weekend we were in Disneyland for our last trip of the year {more on that soon too}. We are preparing for a fun MOPS meeting {HOLIDAY HOSPITALITY 101} this week that will include a hand-out that I’m working on {hoping to post that here too soon}.

And our days seem to run along before I have a chance to catch my breath.

This month on Instagram I’m keeping up with a daily challenge of capturing my blessings {with the lovely Rebekah @ a bit of sunshine}. Rebekah’s blog is exactly what it claims to be…”a bit of sunshine” every time that I stop by. She has the sweetest family and heart for God and is incredibly talented and creative. You can find me and several others on IG under the hashtag #capturingourblessings …come join us. Hopefully I will be doing 10 on 10 tomorrow as well. I dropped the ball last month when I showed up to Paige’s school only to discover that my camera batteries were dead. I tried taking pictures on my phone all day instead but it just didn’t work out.

Like I said…life just seems to be racing on!

Hope you are enjoying the fall leaves, sipping something warm and thinking about all the good things in life that we have to be thankful for. Happy Saturday!



31days {of letters}

Hello & Welcome to my 31 days {of letters}!

31 days (704)You can scroll to the bottom to find out what this is about & why I am doing it. You will also find Day 1 {dear fellow night owls} there. Below you can click on each days letters {as I add them}. Happy Reading!

Day 2 {a love letter to autumn}

Day 3 {tomato vine}

Day 4 {the truth about chores}

Days 5 & 6 {weekdays & weekends}

Day 7 {comfort food}

Day 8 {for the love of old photos}

Day 9 {pinterest}

Day 10 {music}

Days 11,12 & 13 {social media}

Day 14 {thoughts on GRIEF}

Day 15 {a letter to my DAD}

Day 16 {a new year & a life plan}

Day 17 {to half dome with love}

Day 18-22 {a few of my favorite things}

Day 23 {mid-week dinners}

Day 24 {it’s the most wonderful time of the year}

Day 25 {movie night}

Day 26 {washi tape}

Day 27 {sunday}

Day 28 {skipped due to some kinda flu}

Day 29 {plans for the week}

Day 30 {friends}


I decided {at the last-minute and thanks to my sister} to join the Nester and her 31 days link party.

I will be writing a letter everyday for 31 days.

Some will be silly letters.

Some will be serious letters.

And all of them will be very sincere.

Hope you enjoy this little project {and I hope it makes you laugh or cry or at least get to know me a little better}.

I’m a little late to the party…forgive me.


Day 1 {sort-of}:

Dear Fellow Night Owls,

Are you awake right now? It’s past midnight and I’m hopeful that some of you are up. Are you reading blogs, cleaning, watching TV, folding laundry or just trying to fall asleep as thoughts of tomorrow race through your brain? That’s usually what I’m doing. It’s not that I want anyone else to be as crazy as me…but I like knowing I’m not the only crazy one out there. A few months ago my Paigey told me that I’m like a bat because I stay up all night and sleep all day. Her five-year old observation was not that far off…in reality. I would love to be up all night and sleep until noon everyday {I’m not really awake in the morning until 10 AM and at least one or two cups of coffee anyway}. I struggle to get out of bed I do have trouble sleeping most nights and honestly I just have more energy at night. When 10 PM rolls around…I come alive. I am not in a season of life that is conducive to being a night owl {college was so awesome} but sometimes I just cannot help myself!  Please tell me I’m not the only one. I would like to think that you are out there doing the same things as I shut down the house and glance at the clock each night and think oops I did it again…how did it get so late? So goodnight my fellow owls…sleep tight. Until we meet again tomorrow night! XO

Sincerely {and sleepily},




mugSWAP {2013}

I love {MUGS}. Big MUGS, little decorative MUGS, fancy MUGS, souvenir MUGS…whatever will hold my hot drinks, warm my hands and allow me to sip a while will work for me. Mostly I just love coffee and appreciate whatever vessel I can get my hands on to sip my favorite thing…but a beautiful {MUG} just makes it taste better! Do you love MUGS as much as I do?

Last month I got to take part in a fun little adventure that lent itself perfectly to my love of MUGS. Have you met A Cuppa Kim yet? I met her briefly at Blog Sugar a few years ago and she happens to live in the Bay Area {so maybe we will meet again someday}. Her blog and Instagram are both great {she is always traveling somewhere fun or doing something local}! Anyhow, she organized a third annual mugSWAP this year where I basically signed-up to send a mug to a random stranger who has signed-up and in return I received a mug as well {for fun}. I’m finally linking up with her today!

Mug Swap!

I loved getting my little mug in the mail and learning about my sender Heather Holden {who you can follow on Instagram @heatherholden or at her blog HERE}. My mug was perfect for me and very thoughtful.

my mug

I also loved giving a mug. It was fun to get to know a stranger {the sweet Sara from HELLO my name is Sara} through Instagram and her blog. It was harder than I thought it would be to buy something like a mug {and a few other treasures} for someone I really don’t know.

DSC_0471 DSC_0465After learning that she loves owls and anthropology  I ended up buying two mugs. I decided to keep the plain white one and send the more colorful one to her. It seemed to fit Sara’s personality and taste {I hope} and had really cute lettering inside that read “be happy” so I went ahead and sent her that one. I added a few things to make the package extra special: my favorite mint nail polish {not the brand…just the color}, some washi tape, birdy chip clips and push pins. mug swap packThe only thing I would do different next time is to send it through UPS or Fed-Ex. The good old USPS took over a week to ship it to her…what? I felt terrible that it took so long. She was a good sport about the whole thing but gosh I felt terrible. Hopefully it made her day once it did finally arrive…if nothing else.


Thanks to Kim for organizing it, to Heather for the mug and to Sara for being involved and being patient…glad I got to meet all you lovely ladies {so-to-speak}!

P.S. If you want to get in on the fun be sure to follow A Cuppa Kim and look for her mugSWAP sign-ups at the beginning of August.


september {ten on ten} & a photo shoot {from swenson style}

Finally getting around to posting my pictures from Tuesday’s {ten on ten}.

But first I have to show you a few pictures from a photo shoot that my friend Jessica just did with my kids. She just took an online course with Under the Sycamore and wanted some practice. I think she should consider making this a side job…don’t you? I’m amazed. I would love to take this class someday! We chose props that went with the theme of Paige’s upcoming 6th birthday party {It’s a Small World} so more to come when I post about her party…but in the meantime be sure to check out more pictures and her blog HERE at Swenson Style.

swenseonstyle{the picture that paige is holding above is a favorite from a few years ago with Cori Derksen…love it}

Moving on to {ten on ten}. It was a fun and full day but also consisted of me sitting on the couch for like 3 hours working on my computer with my feet up. I am really tired from running two kids around to 2 different schools everyday. I love our new  “back to school” rhythm but it’s gonna take some time to fully get used to it. I am also thrilled that MOPS is back in session for the year. I love this monthly time with other moms, a few of my friends and a meal that I can actually enjoy uninterrupted! All good things! Hope your week was great!

back to MOPS/kindergarten girl/lunch in a jar/hydrate with feet up/computer time {party planning & blog stuff}/dinner for my man {fancy stuff}/handsome boy/thinking about HUME lake/honey for my honey

  DSC_0629 DSC_0644 DSC_0649 DSC_0663 DSC_0668 DSC_0658 DSC_0673 DSC_0707 DSC_0713 DSC_0682

ten on ten button

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