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a few of my favorite things

Day 18

Dear Candy Crush,

I love you and I hate you. Why are you so addicting? You are killing me! Lets hope this crush will pass!



Day 19

Dear Amazon,

I love you and I hate you. Why are you so addicting? You kill me! Happy Shopping!




Day 20

Dear Pumpkin Spice Latte {PSL},

I love you and I hate you. Why are you so addicting? Why? ! I just cannot get enough of you! Thanks a latte!



Day 21

Dear Netflix,

I love you and I hate you. Why are you so addicting? You kill me! Being able to play the next episode of a season right away can be a serious time waster! But you sure are great!



Day 22

Dear Costco,

I love you and I hate you. Why are you so addicting? I go into your massive warehouse for a few things and I come out $500 poorer. Who knew I needed a stapler, book, blender, bulk snacks, paper towels, new DVD, hot dog and bath towels…you did. So if I seem short with you in the future it’s because I just need to stick to the budget and get out of there…I’m not trying to run out on you!



31 days (250)



favoriteTHINGS Friday
I love popcorn. Love it. While I love the convenience of microwave popcorn…I do not always love the flavors, the calories or the chemicals used in those delicious smelling bags. And I don’t really like to share my popcorn {who does really?}! For some reason everyone always wants it when they hear that pop…but microwave bags only make a small batch! So, a few years ago, in search of a solution I finally figured out how to make a big batch of it on the stove. It’s kind of intimidating at first. I don’t know why but I was totally freaked out by even trying it! And to be honest I have burnt a few pans {one of which is still living with the burn scars} and felt a few flying kernels singe my arms in the process. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT! It tastes great, you can control the ingredients and you don’t have to stand by the microwave waiting for another batch!
Here is a basic recipe for popping popcorn and how I adapt it to any size pan that I have on hand:
::Stove-Top Popcorn::
What you will need:
Popcorn Kernels
Oil {I like to use Canola or Coconut Oil}
Deep Sauce Pan or Large-Wide Sauce Pan
{If possible I like one with a glass lid that is easy to shake…this is not the time for cast iron}
Large Bowl
Seasoning of Choice
1. Pour oil into the saucepan and place on medium high heat. Some recipes call for 2 tablespoons of oil to 2/3 cup of popcorn. I like to just pour a thin layer of oil on the bottom of the pan so that I can make the right amount for whatever pan I have on hand {if you learn to do it this way you can make it at anyone’s house or cabin}!
 2. Set out a bowl…a large bowl…right away so you are ready to dump when the popcorn is ready! This step is important!
3. Pour popcorn into pan. Again, you can use the ratio above {2 tbsp oil to 2/3 cup popcorn} but I like to just pour the popcorn in the pan without measuring…I add enough to cover one thin layer on the bottom of the pan. Some recipes will say to put a few kernels in the pan and wait for them to pop…then add the rest. You can do this but I find it is just as effective to start with them all in the oil at once and it saves a step. Again, this is up to you. DON’T WALK AWAY AFTER THIS STEP! Be sure to babysit your pan until the kernels start to pop.
4. Once they start to pop…cover the pan and start shaking. Gently shake the kernels so they get covered in the oil {the higher the heat, the better the popcorn, but you have to keep shaking or the kernels will burn}. This step will not take very long.
5. When the popping finally slows down and stops {or the popped corn has reached the top of your pan} it is ready to pour into a bowl. This is why I like to use a glass-top pan if possible. Be sure to put the pan back on a different burner with the lid back on or you may get burnt from hot oil flying out of the pan. I have learned this one the hard way!
6. Add your seasonings of choice. You drizzle on melted butter, salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese, lemon pepper, taco seasoning or garlic salt {or any combo of the above}.  I like to keep it simple with no butter. I sprinkle it with sea salt for the kids and set our their portions. Then for my bowl I add a little more sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and garlic salt {and sometimes I add a dash of something spicy like taco seasoning}! If we are having movie night I add a few M&M’s to the bottom of the kids bowls before adding the popcorn for a sweet and salty treat {my sweet friend Amber taught us this trick}!
Now stop, breath, read the directions again and go for it!
You {and your next movie night at home} won’t be sorry!


favoriteTHINGS Friday
It’s that time of year again…the cherries are here! We love them so much in this house that we finally bought a cherry-pitter on Amazon a few years ago {it pits four cherries at a time}. Check out Amazon HERE for one like it. As you can see {from these pictures that I took last summer} Paigey loves to pit them and eat them and make a mess!


favoriteTHINGS Friday

I love these beautiful flowers!
They are tall, vibrant and have gorgeous colors!

They always bloom in summer at nana & papa’s house…reaching tall to try and touch the sun. I love their crepe paper like petals…they just make my heart smile!
I hope they make your heart smile today!


favoriteTHINGS friday
Look at this sweet little vintage quilt that I picked up {for just $20} at last months Paris Flea Market in Livermore! It has several holes & some stains that I need to repair {or live with} but at that price I just had to snag it. I’m going to use it on Paige’s bed since it already has some stains. It will not be treated like a precious antique that cannot be touched…but a well love blanket that we can hopefully treasure for years to come. Think of the person who made it…what were the butterflies originally a part of…scraps of little girls dresses or old kitchen aprons? I’ll never know…but I’m glad this special treasure is now a part of our home.

When I get around to fixing these holes I’ll show you what I did!
 Do you love vintage things like me?
 Go check out Livermore’s Paris Flea Market this weekend {if you live in the Bay Area}! You will not be disappointed! Hope you find something you can treasure forever or pass on to someone you love.

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