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Happy New Year!

It’a almost february’s 10 on 10 and I have not even said Happy New Year…how is this possible?

Life is moving along so quick I cannot catch my breath, but we are having fun and enjoying each little new stage of Blakey’s first year!

I have worked hard for the past month to focus on things at home and to be really intentional about how I spend my time {blogging has obviously not made it on the “must-do” list}. I can be so scattered and “in-the-moment” that I have decided it’s time to change things up. In this season of life I have to learn to just get into a daily routine, develop some healthy habits and focus on enjoying the spontaneity of life when it does happen but not live in that everyday. So naturally with all that in mind my word of the year {actually phrase of the year} is:

embrace routine

I realize that for some of you this is a real head-scratcher. Why would I need to embrace routine or even focus on this as a concept? I’m certain that routine comes naturally to most people {and especially during the motherhood stage of life}. But I am not one of those people that it comes by it naturally. I will talk more about it more some other time but for now here are a few of my favorite posts from last year! Enjoy!

A few of my favorite posts from 2014:

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{HOMEgirl} lighting BABY

I’m still working on the nursery for baby boy BLAKE {but it’s almost done}!

Here are a few ideas for lighting up his room:



I love THIS light little from Target!


THIS one above and even THIS one below.


HERE is another one from Pottery Barn below.


HERE is a whole line of great lights including mason jar pendants that I found on Etsy!

THIS chicken wire pendants is perfect but probably too pricey!

I also love THIS, THIS and THIS from Shades of Light.

HERE is one more list of 20 pendant lights that I found on Pinterest!

THIS blog had a great way of making a light from a barrel and a pendant light kit.

Again, HERE is my idea board, HERE is my pinterest board and HERE are my thoughts on the room’s design if you want more inspiration.



{HOMEgirl} pretty walls for the BABY

So I’m still thinking about the baby room. Go figure! We are in a rental…so paint color and a bunch of holes in the wall are not the most practical things to change…but we may do it anyway. My amazing husband is so handy with changing lights {a post on that is coming soon} and painting a small room is pretty simple…so here are the ideas I have come up with so far to give my baby some pretty walls. Not that he will even care!

::wall paint::

I will most likely go with a warm gray color for the walls. But I’m just not sure. A nice neutral tan would work as well.

THESE grays below are dreamy…in my opinion!


I may try THIS color below…Benjamin Moore’s Graystone in a Matte Finish.


I love the color flint listed below…found HERE.


ce7d1d3ccf4b65e6e2c2ea65bfbadebaI may end up going with a dark blue color like THIS nursery above or THIS nursery below.



So first of all I am thinking about getting THIS amazing frame collection to put all the artwork I find in one cool display.


il_570xN.499001608_68slTHIS print makes me swoon and I love the verse on it! I love THIS one from PrintableWisdom as well!

THESE other feather prints from Snoogs & Wilde are beautiful as well!

And I wish I could afford THIS set…beautiful!

il_570xN.370915758_p1cjDon’t ya just love THIS one above from Paper Sparrow {THIS fox one is sweet too}?

il_570xN.281633893Katie Daisy has several perfect prints {like the one above} in her “wild” section on Etsy…HERE!

il_570xN.500348433_e4xmI also love THIS print {above} from Billy & Scarlet!

I may go vintage with some prints like THIS, or THIS or even THESE!

 And I may try my hand at making THESE great DIY clipboards that I found on Pinterest.

THIS canvas {below} is from Lindsay Letters…I think it’s a gem!

Lindsay-Letters-Canvas-Adventure-Blackboard_1024x1024A few days ago I talked about hanging up some antlers on the walls…you can learn more about that HERE!

Again, HERE is my idea board, HERE is my pinterest board and HERE are my thoughts on the room’s design if you want more inspiration.



{HOMEgirl} oh deer, oh dear

Can you believe the antler, taxidermy, deer trend going on in design right now?

I cannot believe it. It cracks me up because growing up we had a large stuffed deer on our living room wall that freaked out all of my friends. It was so far from being a trend that it was almost the opposite {being that it was offensive to some people}. My dad loved hunting and having that deer displayed in our home was just one of those things that my mom didn’t always love, but embraced. She would always say that she had to let my dad have some things around our home that were meaningful to him {even if it wasn’t something she would necessarily choose}. While I thought it was normal for our family, I felt a little funny about it because it was so weird to everyone else. Now that this trend has come to life in so many homes I’m shocked and ironically happy! I will be embracing this in our sweet “home on the range” nursery {check it out HERE}. I will most likely be using a deer, antelope or some antlers from my dad and/or brothers collection of hunting trophies. We will see. In the meantime check out some of these awesome trends on pinterest that I pinned below {more can be found HERE}.

Look at THIS adorable and rustic nursery below! I love the variety of antlers!


d66898acba334d8049d062e39254d663I love THIS wall as well!

I cannot get enough of the natural artwork from vol25 and especially THIS one pictured below!


b0d01eeb8d2c8617d35e3e8de57c0118How cool is THIS idea above for a window tie-back?

THESE faux antlers & faux taxidermy below, from mahzerandvee, are great {especially if you cannot stand the idea of real animals hanging out in your home}!

il_570xN.532659356_s1zq il_570xN.566893298_e56c il_570xN.532738181_7xqb

il_570xN.489780600_5t5lThis “paint-by-numbers” take on antlers {found HERE} is so unique that I love it as well!

THIS buffalo makes me smile, THIS is classic look is perfect for any home, and THIS light fixture look from the Shabby Antler never gets old to me {I’m just not sure if it would work for a small room and nursery}.

I’m very excited to have a deer for my sweet dear!

More on wall color, art & lighting coming soon!

What do you think of the trend?



{HOME girl} cribs BABY

If you didn’t have a chance to read about my thoughts on beautiful design vs. practical design {last week} you can find it HERE.

Most of the cribs I love can be found on my pinterest board HERE.

THIS is the crib I put on my design idea board originally. I love it!

I have always loved Jenny Lind style cribs and furniture…what do you think about THIS one? It’s cute and affordable and I can always paint over it if I change my mind on the color scheme.

THIS is the crib I found in person at BabiesRus…I love it still!

6e5d6ee7c56c738474f6c18e3f4cf45eTHIS one below is cute too {and I love both the colors it comes in}.


RH baby & child {found HERE} has gorgeous cribs. Check them out below.

rhbc_prod379000 rhbc_prod261003_B12 rhbc_prod225143_av3rhbc_prod219058_B12

Not sure what I will end up with…but I cannot wait to meet this little boy and put him to sleep in it every night!


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