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home on the range {our baby boy’s nursery}

So now that I know we are having a boy I have been day dreaming, nesting &  planning ahead for our baby’s little space in the world. A place where I can rock him, feed him, hold him, swaddle him, wake him up and put him to sleep. Right now I am planning for a rustic/vintage room with western elements {think Southwest, Cowboys & Indians, Horses, Navajo, Antlers, Feathers, Boots…all that fun stuff}. A place where he can dream of the wild west and where we can pray over him. My prayers for him will be for his life, his heart, his mind and that he may be a little warrior that knows how to have fun & be adventurous…and most of all BRAVE. The Lord has really put it on my heart {in the last few years} to pray for my kids to be smart and strong and BRAVE! I do not want them to be afraid of this world that is filled with so much pain, but empowered by the strength of Jesus {knowing that “God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.” John 3:17} God’s word tells us in Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS. Do not be terrified; Do not be discouraged. FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD WILL BE WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.” That is a verse I pray my children cling to their whole life {as I have}…I pray it will spur them on to do mighty things for God’s kingdom and for this hurting world. Be BRAVE my little one!
More on this to come as I nest and prepare for baby! In the meantime you can see what I have been up to. Check out the idea board I created below at Polyvore {see sources below} and click on over HERE to see what I have pinned on Pinterest!
vintage western nursery

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kid table ideas & turkey hand ART {holiday hospitality 101}

holiday hospitality 101Decorating for the kids is FUN. My little Paigey loves to help me decorate these days. Here are a few ideas of how to make your Thanksgiving “kid table” or place settings special. As you will see some of these ideas are unconventional. You don’t always have to use paper plates or traditional colors. We love to get out fancy plates and glasses to make it more special. I have lots of little treasures from my Grandma Lil {who loved to entertain} and I figure that even if they get broken at least we used them {and these special trinkets won’t just be good for gathering dust}. Also, you can have crafts/activities available to do while the kids wait for dinner or for dessert {why are kids so reluctant to eat sometimes and often get done eating so quickly}. Just keep in mind that age and skill levels of the kids. Have fun with it. The more comfortable you are…the more comfortable your guest will feel. So assure them that if the kids break something or spill something…that’s okay!

DSC_0019 DSC_0014 DSC_0018

DSC_0057 DSC_0012 DSC_0058


turkey hand art

If you want to make the turkey hand ART like the ones we did above you can set out some simple craft items for the kids and have them go to town while dinner is being made. Or make them before and add names to each to use as silly place cards. Either way…enjoy!

::what you will need::

foam or card-stock sheets

pencil {for tracing} & scissors

glue or mod-podge

feathers or leaves

googly eyes, sequins, beaks & whatever else you want to decorate the turkey face/body


1. Simply trace your kids hands {or anyone who wants to join in on the fun} with a pencil and then cut out hand shapes.

2. Glue feathers {or leaves for feathers} to back of the hands and allow to dry.

3. Glue on googly eyes, beak, sequins and anything else you would like to make your turkey’s special. Add a magnet, or tack up on a board or use as place cards! Enjoy!


it’s the most wonderful time of the year {besides Fall, of course}

Dear Christmas,

You are right around the corner. While we love you and are counting down the days until you arrive, we always seem to get caught up in the hustle & bustle. Sometimes we lose sight of your true meaning come December. Perhaps I can work hard to plan now so that our focus will be on the gift of baby Jesus and not on buying presents for our loved ones. Thank you for being the most wonderful time of the year. I want to savor every glittering light, special cookie, dazzling tree, choo-choo train, gift of service, lit candle and sacred Christmas carol this year.

All my love and devotion,


Here is some content that I have posted before.  I hope it inspires you to get going on those gifts so that you can enjoy the holiday season as well.

Our goal (for Christmas & birthdays throughout the year) is to give gifts that express our love but also make less of an impact on landfills and clutter in our homes. This is not always possible and yes I know that some people find this impersonal but let’s be honest for a minute. How many gifts do we get every year that just fill up our home with more stuff? Not that stuff is bad (we Americans love stuff) but with the exception of a few things…here or there…I for one really do not need more of it!

So here we go with a few ideas:
*Consumable Gift Ideas*
*HOMEMADE FOOD (such as jams, breads, nuts, cookies)
*CERTIFICATE for a SPECIAL CLASS (such as cooking, sewing, dance class or swim lessons)
*GIFT CARDS (for meals, clothing stores, grocery stores, movies, spa treatments, shows, events or even flowers)
*GOURMET GIFT BASKETS (chocolate treats for a chocoholic or for a friend with a special diet like celiac you could group together specialty gluten-free products)
*For KIDS: Bubbles, Chalk, Art Supplies, Stickers (one can rarely have enough of these things)
*Giving Back Gift Ideas*
*Have you heard about Operation Christmas Child from Samaritans Purse? Click on the link to check it out and look-up how it works and where you can drop off your box this year! Hurry because the deadline to drop off your box is in a few weeks. Our MOPS group is doing it this year as a fun way to give back and get our kids involved.  Maybe even consider giving a box in place of a gift for a family you know and on Christmas present them with a description of why you have a box in their name and a picture of what you put in the box and where it went.
*Do you know about LOVE146 yet? Their mission is to END CHILD SEX SLAVERY AND EXPLOITATION.  I learned about this organization at Blog Sugar and have not been able to get it off my mind. Items can be purchased in their store as gifts (most of the money goes back to their organization).  Check it out and be ready to grab a tissue for this one.
*And of course you can give to Compassion right now. Year Round: Compassion is an organization that allows you to sponsor children all over the world in order to help them with basic physical (and spiritual) needs. You pay a monthly fee and are able to write letters back and forth and give extra money for their birthday’s and Christmas if you can.  We have really enjoyed doing this and wanted to spread the word!  Check them out if you are considering a new way to give-back this year!  And one more thought…if you have a baby or small child and are not sure what to get them for Christmas (because after all they are a baby and have no idea what is going on) consider looking up a Compassion child to sponsor by the birthday and gender of your child.  We did this for both the kids for their “Baby’s 1st Christmas” gift and it has been fun watching other children grow up with their birthdays (even though they are not their age)! It’s a nice way to have something in common with these beautiful children all over the world. Just something to consider as you make your lists!
31 days (250)

going on a little media fast

I have decided that I am going on a little media fast…hoping to enjoy my kids more and take in all that summer has to offer. I will be back real soon {maybe a few weeks or so}. I have been feeling convicted for a while that I am spending too much time on my blog, Facebook and even at times my phone {on games and Instagram}. One of the chapters from THIS book got me thinking a few months ago about all this. And then another chapter in THIS book made me really start to think about how I spend my time with my kids. Then I came across THIS article and discovered that while I may want to be the kind of mommy who loves my kids without distractions…I’m not doing a very good job of it right now. I want to be the kind of mommy who is not constantly saying things like “go play over there…” and “I will help you in a few minutes…” and “I just need to read this first…go play” & the list goes on. I do need  my own time {free from the kids} to stay sane…but I need to find a better balance. So off I go to have some summer fun. To get in there with my kids and the things they love doing. To read more books, do more crafts, play more games, make more popsicles, get in the pool with them and sing silly summer songs.
Until then, you may enjoy clicking up top on summerFUN under seasons{4}
P.S. You may see me on Pinterest or Instagram from time to time…Happy Summer!


If you missed it yesterday I posted the first part of a Disneyland Tips series I am starting. Here are a few more things to let you know all about! I have added links where possible…so check it out for yourself!

DISNEYLAND rides that we LOVE:

Peter Pans Flight {even though the line is always long}
Buzz Lightyear’s Astro-Blaster {it’s always cold in there…gotta love that on a hot day}
Shooting Range in Frontierland {the boys love this and honestly I do too…it’s really fun}
Space Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
We love all the “mountain rides” but they are usually not for little kids…be sure to get fast passes or use single rider lines if possible
Small World {great with the kids and babies can ride on laps}
The Train {this is my favorite way to get around the park and relax for a few minutes and if you get on at the Tomorrowland station you will see a Disneyland treasure of an old moving Dinosaur display behind glass that has been there a long time}
Storybook Land {it’s the boat ride that passes through the whales mouth in fantasy land…It’s cute and relaxing and again a baby can sit on your lap}
Mad Hatter’s Spinning Tea Cups {we don’t get motion sickness…so this ride is so fun for us}
Tom Sawyers Island {beautiful, fun, relaxing, exciting for kids…just a great hidden adventure in the middle of the park}
Pirates of the Caribbean {classic, fun, cool ride…yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me}
Matterhorn {it’s kind of jerky…but beautiful at night when the park is all lit up}
Astro Orbitor {we call this the Rocket ride…so fun}
Gadget’s Go Coaster  {the kids totally love this little ride in TOONTOWN}
DISNEYLAND shows that we LOVE:
Fantasmic {this one is a classic & never get’s old in my opinion}
We actually like the Abraham Lincoln show in the theater near the front of the park but I think it’s under construction currently. It’s always cooled off in there so we especially like it if its hot and our feet need a break!

DISNEYLAND food that we LOVE:
Big Thunder Ranch: a sit down buffet {it’s tucked away behind the Big Thunder Mountain ride and is an amazing all you can eat BBQ, cornbread, coleslaw, beans extravaganza…yum y’all…but very expensive so save your money for this one}

The Blue Bayou: a sit down restaurant {the restaurant inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and you almost always need a reservation. the ambiance is like a beautiful outdoor restaurant in the south with chirping crickets and lanterns and delicious mint juleps…but again this one is also very expensive}
Cafe Orleans: a sit down restaurant {this place has the famous Monte Cristo sandwich that everyone talks about…it is richly decadent. i loved the salmon salad & they had great kid options…although Grant slept on my shoulder the whole meal when we went there last time…lovely shady setting too} Bengal Tiger Kabobs: walk-up/casual/to-go snack  {this little walk up stand is across the walk from the Indiana Jones ride and serves veggies, meat and yummy pretzel roles} Dole Whips: walk up casual to-go treat  {prepare yourself for a lightly whipped pineapple ice cream delight that is TO-DIE-FOR…and it’s cheap and delicious to boot…the line is just outside the Tiki Room and seems to always be very long…especially on hot days}

Toy Story’s Mid-Way Mania {This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE ride…but consider yourself warned that the line is ALWAYS long so get in it early and bring snacks and get the rider switch if you can}
Soarin’ Over California {unlike anything that I have ever experienced…just awesome}
California Screamin’ {the best roller coaster ever}
Tower of Terror {not for the faint of heart…beautiful view at night…it will make your heart drop into your stomach in the most terrifying and thrilling way imaginable}
All three of the above rides have fast passes available and you will need a rider switch to do all of them if you have little ones; but note that they all have a single rider lines also
the Ariel ride {it’s darling…very old school in some ways but great if you love that sweet little mermaid}
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail {a great place for the kids to run around and quite a bit of shade for the grown-ups…its an unexpected spot of fun}
Cars Land {aka: Radiator Springs} {It’s awesome, very crowded and so similar to the movie it’s almost unreal. There are only a few rides in Radiator Springs but there are some great restaurants and you can often meet Lightning McQueen and Mator. If you want to go on the RACERS ride {the most popular ride in the park these days} you have to get in the fast pass line {near bug’s land} ASAP in the morning! This line can take an hour to wait in so grab your coffee and send someone to get your fast passes {make sure everyone has entered the park if you do this though or it won’t work}. You can use the rider switch to do this ride and many people I know have just done the single rider line {it will save you an hour or more to do this as some people wait almost two hours just to ride this one}

World of Color {if you want to see this show you have to get fast passes as early in the day as you can even though it’s at night…you can eat as specific restaurants that allow you to get the fast pass if you purchase a certain amount of food but it is usually very pricey to do it so be prepared}. Once they run out of these passes you cannot get them and you won’t be able to watch the show. They only allow people to stop and watch in the area roped off for World of Color fast passes.
It’s Tough to be a Bug {in Bug’s Land…my kids who are 4 and 5 were scared last time…this may be more suitable for older kids and grow-ups like us who want to laugh and cool off from a hot day} Disney Junior — Live on Stage! {if your kids watch Disney Junior…and mine do…they will love this little show}
Pixar Parade {we have not gotten in to waiting for parades often but the kids keep asking…so I am sure that stage is coming soon!}

Carthay Circle Restaurant: sit down/ somewhat fancy {This beautiful art-deco spot in the center of the park was modeled after a theater that Walt Disney loved…you can read all about it online…and is perfect for a fancy meal or special occasion…the atmosphere is as spectacular as the food…we went there for our Christmas Dinner this year and let me just say that while very expensive…it was just AMAZING! They have a World of Color fast pass arrangement if you get a minimum amount of food so be sure to ask about that too…oh and you will of course need reservations for this one as well}
Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta: walk-up/casual/to-go or sit outside {At the very back of the park past Goofy’s coaster and near the jelly fish ride is this awesome hidden restaurant that serves amazing Italian pasta’s and salads. There is a great spot next store that serves several fabulous Mediterranean dishes as well. This has become our new favorite place to eat lunch or an early dinner}
Pacific Wharf area: walk-up/casual/to-go or sit down outside {There are several options for food at the pier including Asian cuisine, Mexican entree’s, margaritas & Soup in a bread-bowl delights and they are all yummo…secret hint: if you head towards Cars Land this area leads to a really cool path & view of Radiator Springs that you will be glad you checked out}
Cozy Cone Hotel: walk-up/casual/to-go snacks {These fun CONE concessions in cars land have great snacks like popcorn, ice-cream, etc. and are impossible to miss}
Ariel’s Grotto: sit down/buffet {this restaurant sometimes allows you to see most of the princesses during your meal. They actually come up to your table…we did this when Paige was 2 and loved it! It’s a set buffet that is like $30 per person but looks out over the water of the whole park. I heard it has changed and is now a place you can see the World of Color show. So check out the scoop on that when you get there or call ahead.}

Here is one more resource to check out:
Disneyland Discounts HERE

If you missed yesterdays post {DISNEYLAND TIPS- PART ONE} be sure to check it out!

I’m sure I will have more tips to add soon as we are going to go a few more times in 2013 {and I will do my best to update this if things change}. Until then see ya real soon!


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