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getting organized {maybe}


Every January I think…this is the year I’m going to get organized at home!

Ha. And every January I look back and it didn’t happen. Maybe a few things here or there improved over that past year but it’s never quite what I was aiming for. Each new year I write a post about it {like THIS one} and call it operation ORGANIZATION. Being organized makes our life easier and it helps me to feel more at peace so I am determined to improve this year.We live in a small 3 bedroom place with a small yard, small garage and small living area. Our two bathrooms are tiny. I am not orderly or organized by nature so at times it feels like the walls are caving in on us.

I rely on Aaron’s help a lot {he great at keeping things neat} and I work at just improving little by little. I also believe that if I can get rid of more stuff I can conquer the clutter easier…less stuff around means less stuff to pick up.

So here we go again this year. I don’t have a specific goal in mind but I will know things are improving when there are less piles in every room. We may change some rooms around and Aaron has bought plastic bins for every closet. We finally fit our car in the garage and the kids toys seem to have a decent system now. Our “give away pile” is growing everyday and I am spending a lot of my free time on Pinterest for inspiration.

Check out my Pinterest board here if you need some inspiration this year:  operationORGANIZATION

I will do my best to post as things improve {but don’t hold your breath}!

Do you have any tricks or tips for how you keep the clutter to a minimum and things in their place?


{the truth about chores}

Dear Chores,
I don’t know how to tell you this, but…ummm. Let’s see…how do I say this…well?
I guess I should just come right out and tell you…oh boy.
NOBODY LIKES YOU. Sorry to say it…but…it’s true.
You are endless and time-consuming and sometimes just downright hard to manage. I am doing my best to teach my kids how to keep on top of your endless needs…but it’s tough. Sometimes I just want to take care of you myself but I feel like the sooner the kids get to know your ways…the better off they will be down the road. Plus, I just cannot keep up with you.  Some people are better at handling you than others. My husband seems to take care of you quickly and efficiently while I get easily distracted and seem to take forever to consider you done. I have used several systems to manage you, but it’s always a work in progress. I hope you know that we will always have you around…but that doesn’t really mean that we like you. In fact, part of the reason we go on vacation is to get a break from you {and you often show up there too}. I can appreciate your role in life and in our home and family. I will try to embrace you more and find a way to keep us all sane. For now the chore money seems to be a good way to motivate the kids so please be kind and help them learn your ways. I will try to be less grumpy about you…until we meet again {oh wait…that will be in the next few minutes as I fold the laundry and do the dishes and add that new meeting to the calendar}!
Sincerely {and some-what grumpy},
P.S. I have found some other systems that may work in the future {see below}. What do you think? You are the expert.
A few other CHORE systems


That’s right. You heard me! I know it sounds crazy but you too can do this. Re-purpose old things into new, recycle what you cannot use any more and/or reuse the things you already have as long as possible. You can even do this to get organized!Check out these links below:
Making Everyday Supplies Cuter 

Craft Organizing

More Craft Organizing

Storage Tips

Earth day is around the corner and while I know some people are greener than others I wanted to put a few more ideas out there to inspire those of you who may not be feeling very green. Check out my Pinterest board HERE!


it’s been a mess around here

We got back from a little getaway last Saturday feeling very relaxed. But on Sunday I took these pictures. I try to have the house picked up before we leave on a trip but that didn’t happen this time. Every surface of our house was covered in clutter, messes, things that needed to be unpacked and put away {I often call myself a surface abuser}. Pillows were launch pads, laundry needed to be folded, dead flowers needed to be dealt with and oh those never ending dishes. Wow…it was not pretty. Despite spending hours picking most of it up on Sunday we got hit with a puking flu bug that slowly ran through Grant, Paige and now me. Good times. So, although it’s not as bad as it was a week ago it’s still not looking great around here. I would love to only put my best pics and the most beautiful parts of my life on here…but if I’m being honest this is how things go in real life. Hopefully we are all on the mend around here and things will get back to normal soon! I hope your life is not quite this messy…but if it is…I totally get it!
Happy Saturday!

Confessions of a “Surface Abuser”

Still getting organized…and not only is it well past New Years Day…but you would not have known two days ago by walking into my front room that Christmas had truly come and GONE! I have a few things left to pack up but I’m close! I recently saw this blog post about being a “SURFACE ABUSER” from Organizing With Sandy and I must confess that pictures of my home could easily appear as the perfect examples of this habit! Just ask my husband!  I am GREAT at getting things organized and TERRIBLE at keeping them that way.  Here is the evidence:
…the top of my dryer…this was organized a few months ago and looked awesome…

…the top of our computer hutch…and the top of the desk…

…the kitchen counter…(and a little “shout out” to the last pumpkin cookie of the day)…

I don’t have the guts to show the world pictures of my craft room. I affectionately call it my “Crap Room” as it constantly goes in waves of beauty and chaos.  Right now it is total chaos and for the life of me I cannot get motivated to organize it.  I am willing to show the “Before and After” pics once it reaches beauty status again! But one of my goals this year is to continue to work at the habits of “putting things away, not down” and “having a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Here’s to hoping next year I can consider myself a “Recovering Surface Abuser”…wish me luck!
Here are two more great links aClean Mama:

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