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Happy New Year!

It’a almost february’s 10 on 10 and I have not even said Happy New Year…how is this possible?

Life is moving along so quick I cannot catch my breath, but we are having fun and enjoying each little new stage of Blakey’s first year!

I have worked hard for the past month to focus on things at home and to be really intentional about how I spend my time {blogging has obviously not made it on the “must-do” list}. I can be so scattered and “in-the-moment” that I have decided it’s time to change things up. In this season of life I have to learn to just get into a daily routine, develop some healthy habits and focus on enjoying the spontaneity of life when it does happen but not live in that everyday. So naturally with all that in mind my word of the year {actually phrase of the year} is:

embrace routine

I realize that for some of you this is a real head-scratcher. Why would I need to embrace routine or even focus on this as a concept? I’m certain that routine comes naturally to most people {and especially during the motherhood stage of life}. But I am not one of those people that it comes by it naturally. I will talk more about it more some other time but for now here are a few of my favorite posts from last year! Enjoy!

A few of my favorite posts from 2014:

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random NOVEMBER day

Hello Again. Is anyone else as busy as we seem to be? Today has been a random November day for us.

We have been a busy with chores and I am attempting to go make THIS stew from the one and only Pioneer Woman tonight. A few weeks ago I was in Kansas City with friends for a MOPS convention. It was amazing and life changing {but I have not had a chance to write about that yet}. And last weekend we were in Disneyland for our last trip of the year {more on that soon too}. We are preparing for a fun MOPS meeting {HOLIDAY HOSPITALITY 101} this week that will include a hand-out that I’m working on {hoping to post that here too soon}.

And our days seem to run along before I have a chance to catch my breath.

This month on Instagram I’m keeping up with a daily challenge of capturing my blessings {with the lovely Rebekah @ a bit of sunshine}. Rebekah’s blog is exactly what it claims to be…”a bit of sunshine” every time that I stop by. She has the sweetest family and heart for God and is incredibly talented and creative. You can find me and several others on IG under the hashtag #capturingourblessings …come join us. Hopefully I will be doing 10 on 10 tomorrow as well. I dropped the ball last month when I showed up to Paige’s school only to discover that my camera batteries were dead. I tried taking pictures on my phone all day instead but it just didn’t work out.

Like I said…life just seems to be racing on!

Hope you are enjoying the fall leaves, sipping something warm and thinking about all the good things in life that we have to be thankful for. Happy Saturday!



let’s talk {FOOTBALL}

Football talk is in the air!
Let’s start with Friday Night Lights!I just finished watching THIS series on Netflix. Oh man, was I obsessed. I loved it!And really, what’s not to love about this show? If you like the following things then you will be just as smitten as I am.
  • I love high school football and a touch of teenage drama, mixed in with real life conflicts and big Texas accents.
  • Anytime people say things like, “Y’all” and “Listen here son” and “Hun” on a regular basis…I’m in!
  • It’s like being in a time machine that has rushed me back to my teenage days. I loved football in high school and never missed a game. Hearing the sounds, seeing the lights and the cheering fans and remembering how “life-altering” one games win or loss could feel just brings it all back…I can smell the concession popcorn even now!
  • I was a cheerleader for 3 years in high school and loved every minute of cheering and being so close to the game. We got to be on the side lines and travel by bus to each away game, be a part of pep-rally’s and anticipate the upcoming win along with my friends on the squad…it was so fun! (I admit this hesitantly so don’t judge, cheer-leading was great for me and although it should not matter I promise that we were nice, smart, leadership girls)!
  • Football talk aside, I also love the supportive and respectful relationship between two of the main characters: Coach Taylor and his wife Tami. Their “romance” has officially made it on my list of favorite fictional couples {Other favorites include Luke & Lorelai, Jim & Pam, Chandler & Monica…sigh}.
  • I will say I could do without some of the excessive drinking and sometimes inappropriate sexual content (if you are sensitive about these things…this is not your show) but the emotional content redeems it for me…making it valuable enough to look beyond all that stuff.
  • Also, the way they film the show is totally unique and refreshing…wide angles, close ups and things I don’t have the first hand knowledge todescribe…you just have to see it for yourself!
  • The bottom line is: Who doesn’t love an inspirational sports drama? I do {now & then}. And I don’t even like sports that much!
SPOILER ALERT: If you have watched the series you will love this clip. If you have not…it’s quite the spoiler…so proceed with caution {I personally hate knowing what is going to happen ahead of time}!

On a separate note, I’m actually excited about the Super Bowl this weekend. I grew up watching football with my Dad for years and while I didn’t always love that it dominated our TV during football season I do love that I learned so much about the game. We rarely make sports a priority in our house…but this weekend I will be watching! My Dad loved the 49ers and would have seriously been on the edge of his seat watching this game {I feel happy and sad just thinking about it}!
So good luck NINERS…win it for my Dad!
P.S. Check out THIS Super Bowl Cheat Sheet {from Rae @ ARMOMMY} if you are totally in the dark about what is happening tomorrow!

loving those sweet {stella sisters}

Do you know about these amazing girls?
Lennon & Maisy Stella
They happen to be on one of my new favorite shows Nashville, but their story is pretty cool beyond that! Another YouTube success story!
Check them out here:
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