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{skinned knees aren’t just for kids}

A few weeks ago I wrote about this fun experience on Instagram. Typically we think of kids getting skinned knees but sometimes even mommies get hurt.

Paige and were talking about her personality (on the way to school this morning) and she was trying to convince me of just how kind and compassionate she is when kids get hurt or need help. I suddenly tripped and fell to my knees (with Blake attached to me in the mobi wrap), scraped up my knees and hopped right back up. It was in front of a row of cars and totally embarrassing but everyone was fine. Except Paige. As a reaction i had grabbed her backpack to brace myself as I was falling. She hardly even jerked but was very upset that I would do such a thing. I spent several minutes consoling  her (she actually had tears) before I said we were no longer going to discuss her “potential” injury while I was the one actually hurt. So much for her compassion and kindness! Ha ha.

Later that day I had an UPDATE: Paigey got home from school and sincerely apologized when she saw my scraped-up knee. She said “I made it about me and you were the one hurt…you really got hurt! I’m so sorry mommy!” Daddy gave her a little pep talk…I’m glad she got it. Glad we can all laugh about it!!!

This little experience made me realize that at the end of the day kids do have good hearts and with a little pep talk they usually come around!

And I’m glad I don’t take myself too seriously {most of the time}!

And some days are just better than others!




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hot dog, hot dog, HOT DIGGITY DOG {a 3rd birthday party}

It’s hard to believe that my two big kids have moved out of the toddler stage.  Paige is about to turn 7 but just a few years ago Paige was totally into Minnie Mouse and the color pink. We threw together a simple and sweet little birthday party for her. Here are some pics. Hope it inspires you to throw a party for the sweet little Minnie Mouse in your life!
For this cake I simply iced it with a hot pink icing and used a piping bag to decorate with black frosting. To get the right shape for Minnie I stuck the tops of 3 oreo cookies – one large and two mini’s – on the top of the cake in the shape of Minnie and piped the black frosting over it. I cut a bow out of a maraschino cherry for the top of her head. I even found candles that were black with white polka dots. It was not very fancy but it made her happy.

::The Menu::

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dogs

{we grilled up a bunch of fancy polish & chicken dogs}

Minnie’s Bowtie Pasta Salad

{homemade pasta salad with bowtie shaped pasta}



Apple Sauce

::The Decor::

Pink, White & Black Colors

{table cloths, napkins and frames}

Pictures of Paige

 Happy Birthday signs

{I used a Disney-like font and printed them off of my personal computer}

Minnie Mouse Images

{I made them by cutting circles out of sparkly black paper and taped them on a few frames and a few cheap white containers that I got from Target}

Minnie Mouse Ears

{I bought some with a pink bow but in true Paige fashion she wouldn’t wear them that night}

{Paigey and her sweet little friends…it was a fun and simple little celebration}

…and while we are on the subject of BLAKE…

I know…I know. All I can talk about and blog about is BLAKE…but he is just so perfect that I cannot help myself. When he was just a week old I had the pleasure of hiring my friend Jessica for a photo shoot of the kids. She is a local photographer who takes amazing care and time getting just the right shot. She truly captured the sweetness of our sweet boy and the two big kids. Jess & I have known each other since we were good ol’ high school kids and now we are both part of MOPS…raising our own babies! Check out her blog and these stunning photos at J.Swenson Photography! You will be amazed at how she has captured so many beautiful little faces! I hope it inspires and delights you! Enjoy!

PanfilioFINAL-23 PanfilioFINAL-20 PanfilioFINAL-18   PanfilioFINAL-11 PanfilioFINAL-8 PanfilioFINAL-7  PanfilioFINAL-4 PanfilioFINAL-2 PanfilioFINAL-1 PanfilioFINAL-9

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