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The Blog Days of Summer {4TH OF JULY FUN}!

Here is how we spent our 4th this year!
It was lovely and lazy…my kind of holiday!
And of course I have to talk about the food! We had Summer Shirley’s*, Macho Salad*, Potatoes, Steaks and Herb Crusted Chicken*! Dessert was a mix of berries with angel food cake & whipped cream!

*For my SUMMER SHIRLEY TEMPLE DRINK I just added a splash of grenadine to ginger-ale, along with cherries, blueberries & star shaped ice cubes to make it festive!
*I’ll have to show you how I make my Herb Crusted Chicken sometime soon. As long as you have a BBQ it’s always in season!

*If you have never had this “Macho Salad” you must! I wish I could take credit for the recipe but it comes from the restaurant Bandera! A….MAZE….ING!

god {BLESS} america

Land that I love!Hope you had a Happy 4th (wow it’s been a whole week)! I have some catching up to do but in the meantime here is an Instadump from the last week or so.

from left to right:
1. having fun on a ride at the fair with my buddy
2. on the 4th we just hung out with some good friends and made some summer Shirley’s (I just add a splash of grenadine to ginger-ale & cherries to make my Shirley Temples…for this one I switched out the cherries for blueberries and added star ice cubes…yum and fun)
3. i’m obsessed with Emily Maynard and this season of Bachelorette…adore her and wish her the best…not sure why i feel so attached to the love-life of a stranger but i do…and i’m a hopeless romantic looking forward to a happy ending for this lovely lady (oh and I’m 100% #teamjef…adore them together…think he’s great…think she liked him early on…i could go on and on and on…okay I’ll stop
4. the Alameda County Fair celebrated 100 years…as a teenager i got to sing at the fair and so I have many fond memories when i go there now (especially with my voice teacher Judy Curtis who passed away a few years ago…miss her so much and thankful for the things she taught me)
5. my girl paige cut her hair…luckily its in the front and just looks like layers from a distance…add it to the list of torn books, writing on the walls and all the other crazy stuff she has done!
6. we got to hang at daddy’s fire station last week and the kids loved being on the fire engines and seeing daddy at the fire house….i love seeing them adore him
7. grant is more in love with his aunt fifi everyday…last week he got hurt int he middle of the day and started crying out for her as if she could just rush home from work and be there to comfort him…it was so cute
7. our dishwasher broke…it was bad and gross and mold was involved…but we did not have to fix it (hear that huge sigh of relief…whew)…it makes renting this place not so bad when we did not have to buy the new one
8. if you have never had this “Macho Salad” you must (it was our other 4th of July treat)

happy, happy 4th of july

When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea.  He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect.~Adlai Stevenson
(p.s. I found this quote online and do not necessarily agree with the political views or choices of Adlai Stevenson (he’s from back in the day)…but I love the quote & I love this country…so it worked!
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