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happy travels {recap}

Last week was TRAVEL WEEK and I had a lot of fun posting about all the things that I have learned along the way…here is a recap of all the traveling posts:
Travel Tips {general tips}
Disneyland Tips PART ONE
Disneyland Tips PART TWO
Travel Tips {No Kids Allowed}
Camping Tips PART ONE
Camping Tips PART TWO

There are so many other great ideas out there!

HERE is a great list for packing tips!
HERE is a great article about flying along with kids!
HERE is a great blog about family traveling!

Enjoy and Happy Travels!
And of course there is even more to check out on my Pinterest board: travelBUG

travel tips {ROAD TRIP READY}

Summer tends to be a busy travel season for most people so I thought I would share some tips that help make our trips a little easier with kids! My Number ONE tip is to just keep an open mind and be flexible. Anything can happen and that is part of the fun!

…a few things that make our trips easier…

…our GPS has been such a lifesaver and it tends to be very accurate on predicting what time you will arrive at your destination…

…Ziploc divided containers (like bento boxes) make meals on-the-go so much easier…
…these inexpensive shower caddy’s work great in the car for all of their little books, crayons and toys! Get them now while all the dorm items are popping up in stores or check out a similar product HERE!

…an extra rear-view mirror that clips-on & adjusts helps me to see what is going on and break up fights when i go on trips with the kids alone…

…each kid gets to bring their own backpack of toys they choose…

…we love Color Wonder products, no mess in the car or at the home/hotel that we are visiting…

…bring small treats…

If I have room in our budget I try to bring along new treats for each day of traveling if we will be in the car for more than one day! For example: color wonder packs, glow sticks, small white boards with washable white-board crayons, stickers and small books for coloring, small toys or a new movie…nothing major. I mostly just get $1 treasures & a few other fun things!

…road trip games…

Scavenger Hunt Car Games (free printables)
License Plate Game (great for older kids)

We love to travel and seem to spend a lot of our “free time” doing just that.  With loved ones spread out all over the west coast and even a few states away we have traveled often over the last several years.What are your favorite Road Trip TIPS?

a weekend away with my man

Thanks to my sister & parents we got to get away without kids last weekend!

We stayed in Huntington Beach (right on PCH) where we relaxed, ate great food, went to the beach and basically got to talk (for the first time in a long time) without little voices interrupting!

  We had fun together and laughed and remembered why we decided to get married in the first place nine short years ago.

The weekend ended with Blog Sugar & I’m feeling blessed for sure!
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