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33 THINGS…that you might not know about me!

I just turned 33 so I though it would be fun to talk about some of the quirky facts that make me who I am!
  1. I’m known for being outgoing, social and silly {I can also be kind of a home-body. I love to be by myself and tend to mope about when I get down.}
  2. I love the color green {I love aqua, mint, pistachio, hunter, sea foam…just every shade! You can learn more about my color cravings HERE}
  3. I’m super clumsy & terrible at sports {I broke almost all of my fingers at one point or another during my childhood}
  4. I am rarely competitive about anything {Card games & Settlers ocasionally bring out a small competitive edge. Look-out or I may steal longest road.}
  5. I have loved coffee since i was a little girl {I would sneak sips from my moms morning coffee when I was as young as 6. I recognize that this is very weird.}
  6. I collect and often read cookbooks {I have spent hours reading through them recipe by recipe and page after page}
  7. I have a very good sense of direction {90% of the time…thanks to my Dad)
  8. I have small feet {In most shoe brands I wear a 6 or 6.5}
  9. I have been singing for crowds since I was 10 {My debut was at the elementary school talent show in 5th grade. I sang Bette Midler’s “From a Distance” and the director of the event convinced me to do hand motions during part of the song. I may never live down this embarrassing decision. My family still makes fun of me when the song comes on and I honestly don’t blame them.}
  10. One of my greatest joys in life has been singing in worship bands {I have been doing this off and on since I was 14 and all through college and now occasionally at church. Nothing makes me feel more in sync with my sweet Jesus or more in touch with my love and adoration for His forgiveness and grace.}
  11. I love food {I like totally love it…like dream about it…all the time…I just love it}
  12. I do not like to bake {I love to be in the kitchen and prefer the free-form and ease of throwing things together with cooking. Measuring, however, and getting the timing just right with baking TOTALLY stresses me out.}
  13. I used to play guitar {And I hope to play again someday}
  14. I had short hair most of my childhood {I was so picky and dramatic about how my hair looked that my mom kept it cut short. My mom would tell you that my constant distaste for how my hair looked was my her undoing!}
  15. As a child I was a little actress in two different community opera productions {In Madame Butterfly (at age 4) I was the son of the two lead characters. I guess that short hair was good for something}
  16. I struggle with doing my make-up {I never seem to find time to put it on and while I like to consider myself a creative person this has not translated easily into the skill of putting on make-up. I can get by, but anything beyond the basics is totally lost on me and often ends up looking like a got into a fight with my eye shadow}
  17. I love trends {My current favorites are reality TV competitions, Ray-bans, musicals, scarfs, getting into raw foods, trendy hats, braids, YouTube, pretty lip stains, fun nail polish, a nice chevron pattern and of course the lovely Vitamix} or I hate trends {I just cannot get into some things…like the recent raw Kale food-trend, Twitter, strange “lady-gaga-like” shoes, skulls on everything…you get the idea}
  18.  I have had many nicknames but consider Auntie Lala to be my favorite {OR just plain ol’ Lala works for me too…Laura Bora, Bora/Bora, Flo, Flo Mamma and Morsel are just a few others}
  19. Much to my regret {and despite my love of traveling} I have never had a passport {insert boohoo}
  20. But I have been blessed to visit Hawaii several times {The beach is my happy place I would love to go back as often as I can for the rest of my life. You can read about our 10th anniversary trip to Hawaii HERE.}
  21. I HATE math…I LOVE history!
  22. I have been in four states at one time {hint, hint Four Corners}
  23. I have lived in 8 cities in my 33 years {I was born in Colorado, raised in California, spent my college years in Washington, before moving back to California where we hung out in SoCal for a few years, had our babies in Fresno and now love raising our kids back here in the San Francisco Bay Area!}
  24. We currently live down the street from my parents {I was embarrassed at first but have grown to be so thankful for that because we lost my dad very suddenly in October of 2012…you can read about that HERE to learn more.}
  25. We bought our first house and moved in one week before our sweet first born baby Paige was born {Yes it was as crazy as it sounds but she was the best housewarming gift I ever could have asked for.}
  26. Once I was in active labor with Grant I only had to push three times to get that little guy out {He was obviously born loving his mommy because he came on Earth Day…you can read more about mylittleGREENheart another day}
  27. I have hiked to the very top of Half Dome {in Yosemite} almost 4 times {The last time I hiked it I made it just shy of the top…knowing the pain ahead and having done it 3 times before…I opted to sit it out}
  28. I hate to admit it, but I LOVE TV {Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Friends, Alias, Project Runway, Parenthood, Felicity, the Middle, Survivor, The Office and How I Met Your Mother are some of my all time favorite shows…Nashville, Hart of Dixie & The Mindy Project are some of my recent favorites}
  29. I am very scared of birds {I would not say that I am terrified of them but I am admittedly & irrationally scared…and I’m somewhat convinced that one day a bird will peck my eyes out}
  30. I adore my friends and family {And I try to show them by being very present with them when we are together but despite my good intentions I am really bad about staying in touch and returning phone calls most of the time. I blame it on a combination of poor time management skills, never wanting to talk when my children are awake and basically my flighty nature. I am lucky to have patient and understanding friends and family who get this about me and are quite forgiving most of the time!}
  31. Most people know that I love Disneyland and most things Disney but you may not know that I have had a lifelong dream of acting and singing as the voice of one of their animated characters {a girl can dream, right?}
  32. I changed my major about 7 times in college before deciding to major in Communications & minor in History {Interior Design, Teaching and Theology were all majors that I considered at one time…along with several others…and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up!}
  33. My husband and I have the same weird sense of humor {it probably doesn’t make sense to other people but we think we are hilarious}

 ***Honorable Mention: I cannot spell…this should have been number 1 on my list…thanks to my sister for pointing out that it is not Ray-Bands, but Ray-Ban’s…ha! I’m pretty certain that this will not be the last time I spell something wrong!

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