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swapping mugs {MUG SWAP 2014}


I recently got to take part in a really fun and simple Mug Swap {I did it last year too}. The lovely Kim @ ACUPPAKIM hosted her annual swap again this year {over 1,ooo people signed up to swap mugs with strangers all over the country} to my delight! It’s pretty simple. You buy a mug and some goodies for someone and another gal does it for you. I got to shop for and surprise a sweet Mama in Texas. I tried to find things that fit her life, interests and favorite sweets. and of course i found a mug for her. I was totally spoiled by a different Mama in Southern California.¬†Sharon totally got me. She must have a gift for giving gifts. It was really fun to get to know these two ladies through their social media accounts. I also loved the chance to give a total stranger some special goodies {just for her}!

Beyond just the swap Kim asked us to donate money to a friends adoption fund this year and seemed to raise a bundle for this sweet family. There were even some great giveaways! It was a fun experience yet again this year.

So here is what I gave & what I got!

What I gave the lovely Tammy because she sews & loves Disneyland and these candies and coffee and I felt totally Inspired by her beautiful sewing! {blog:www.karamatsews.com} {instagram:karamatsews}

mug sharonWhat I got from the lovely Sharon! {blog:bug & belle} {instagram:bugandbelle}

sharon loot 448 sharon box 1000Here is what I wrote in response to opening up my box of goodies:

Dear Miss Sharon,
I do not have words to describe how well you understood and blessed me with the #mugswap2014 loot you sent my way.¬† First of all the mug is gorgeous and totally my style. The dark chocolate and candy for the kids…to die for. The Katy Daisy print is so perfect for our home and simply divine! And honestly I cannot believe how adorable the California onesie is for my Blake. Each member of our little family has one and now he will too. Did you make it? Wow. So thoughtful! Thank you a million times over for such a gift {and truly a gesture of very thoughtful loveliness from a practical stranger}! I look forward to getting to know you better through IG!
Love, *laura* {everydayVALENTINE}

If you want to join in on the fun you can follow Kim on Instagram {username: cuppakim}. She is saying there might be another swap in January {and you don’t have to be a blogger to participate}!


mugSWAP {2013}

I love {MUGS}. Big MUGS, little decorative MUGS, fancy MUGS, souvenir MUGS…whatever will hold my hot drinks, warm my hands and allow me to sip a while will work for me. Mostly I just love coffee and appreciate whatever vessel I can get my hands on to sip my favorite thing…but a beautiful {MUG} just makes it taste better! Do you love MUGS as much as I do?

Last month I got to take part in a fun little adventure that lent itself perfectly to my love of MUGS. Have you met A Cuppa Kim yet? I met her briefly at Blog Sugar a few years ago and she happens to live in the Bay Area {so maybe we will meet again someday}. Her blog and Instagram are both great {she is always traveling somewhere fun or doing something local}! Anyhow, she organized a third annual mugSWAP this year where I basically signed-up to send a mug to a random stranger who has signed-up and in return I received a mug as well {for fun}. I’m finally linking up with her today!

Mug Swap!

I loved getting my little mug in the mail and learning about my sender Heather Holden {who you can follow on Instagram @heatherholden or at her blog HERE}. My mug was perfect for me and very thoughtful.

my mug

I also loved giving a mug. It was fun to get to know a stranger {the sweet Sara from HELLO my name is Sara} through Instagram and her blog. It was harder than I thought it would be to buy something like a mug {and a few other treasures} for someone I really don’t know.

DSC_0471 DSC_0465After learning that she loves owls and anthropology¬† I ended up buying two mugs. I decided to keep the plain white one and send the more colorful one to her. It seemed to fit Sara’s personality and taste {I hope} and had really cute lettering inside that read “be happy” so I went ahead and sent her that one. I added a few things to make the package extra special: my favorite mint nail polish {not the brand…just the color}, some washi tape, birdy chip clips and push pins. mug swap packThe only thing I would do different next time is to send it through UPS or Fed-Ex. The good old USPS took over a week to ship it to her…what? I felt terrible that it took so long. She was a good sport about the whole thing but gosh I felt terrible. Hopefully it made her day once it did finally arrive…if nothing else.


Thanks to Kim for organizing it, to Heather for the mug and to Sara for being involved and being patient…glad I got to meet all you lovely ladies {so-to-speak}!

P.S. If you want to get in on the fun be sure to follow A Cuppa Kim and look for her mugSWAP sign-ups at the beginning of August.

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