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what we’ve been up to {an instaDUMP} and May’s belated {ten on ten}

So here are some of the things we’ve been up to over the last month {but let’s get one thing out of the way first}…

::pregnancy has been rough::

So it has been kind of weird around here. We have been in survival mode. Pregnancy is really hard on my body and my energy level. It’s taking its toll on me and everyone around here. I recently got the news that I have gestational diabetes {something that requires a lot of energy to take care of} and have zero extra to give beyond the basic necessities of life {eat, school, church, a few extras, sleep…repeat} I have not been able to do much more. I’m also just tired from not really sleeping well at night…so there’s that! And now I’m having contractions constantly. I wish I could describe my gratitude for my husband and family for helping us all get through this. They deserve a medal, or a million dollars, or a trip to Disneyland or something. I saw a shirt the other day that should be purchased for Aaron because it said “BE NICE TO ME…my wife is pregnant” {so, so true}. He is a good man!


If you follow me on Instagram {username: everydayVALENTINE} you have an idea! So let’s just call this an instaDUMP and then some!

may update

::sweet kids::

My sweet kids have had to be troopers. They are watching a lot of TV and doing their share of chores to keep things moving along. They have to get themselves dressed, make their own snacks and deal with a very impatient/sleep deprived mommy! So thankful this is just a season and I love how excited they are for the baby to arrive!

927296_1495313054015463_745266541_nGrant finished up preschool last week and go the Joyful award from his teacher. Love this boy. He also got a cool new hair cut and continues to be obsessed with his Legos, belly buttons and being a goofball! Besides his occasional meltdowns, pushing boundaries and being pretty sensitive these days he is my buddy and seems to rarely leave my side. It’s safe to say he has felt the baby kick more than anyone else because he is always with me!

 Paige is loving kindergarten and cracking us up all the time. She is growing up to be a special little lady. Open house was a weird night as she had a small meltdown over the baby picture I chose for her classes “guess that baby” board {I thought the picture was cute…but what do I know?!}. It set off the night and took some deep breaths and distractions to recover. At least her meltdowns are very rare these days!10375779_577606982358018_788545541_n 10401753_682700671765874_1470018475_n

::in other news::

I’m still nesting. Washing baby clothes and preparing for baby boy’s arrival. While lying around I have shopped online a lot for the babies room and our room {as we are switching them and re-decorating a bit}. Aaron is doing his best to help get these rooms switched for me on his days off {when he is not taking care of everything else}. I’m still quite the pack-rat and have had to dig dip to get rid of more of my stuff. It’s not easy to squeeze everyone & everything in this tiny home. As I sort, toss and give-away I hear the advice of Peter Walsh and all the other organizing geniuses I have read-up on in my head…but it’s just hard for me to figure out what to keep and what to toss. I need help! Pray for me {and my husband}. Let’s just hope hoarding is not in my future!

Easter was great!

My buddy turned 5…what?

I attended {and helped decorate} a women’s conference {entitled Rekindle} at our church with the loveliest speaker a few weeks back. Her name is Jan Johnson and she was vulnerable, honest, disarming and had so much wisdom to share. She loves to talk about authentic spirituality, practicing the presence of God and allowing the Lord to be present and on our heart and mind through the daily & mundane activities of life. If you ever get the chance to read her books or hear her speak I would highly recommend you do!

Hobby Lobby opened in the town next door…I’m a happy crafter…this is big news!

Oh and my sister and I are taking a sewing class…so that’s fun!

Mother’s day was low-key and nice. I spent the weekend with my mom and the kids while Aaron was out-of-town {and my siblings joined us Sunday afternoon for a low-key get-together}. The kids had some hysterical perspectives on their mama {see below} and got/made me some sweet gifts.

929087_549007081882549_1203640202_n 10261164_1432127817038012_1818874300_n

Aaron was out-of-town because he got to celebrate my very talented sister-in-law Shannon as she graduated with her doctorate in education. Very proud of her and glad he could be there with his sister and family to celebrate. We have a Dr. in the family now! Woohoo!

Our MOPS year ended with a pamper day for the ladies of our group. It was fabulous! Relaxing and fun and full of most women’s favorite things. Shopping, good conversation, breakfast, massage treatments, nail polish and beauty treatments…it was just great. I decided to use some birthday money to buy this gorgeous blue agate necklace from the talented k.lynn bayne jewelry and I have hardly taken it off since.

And let’s not forget {ten on ten} again.

So I actually took some fun photos on the tenth this month. I love documenting our life this way and looking for beauty in the mundane. I did not, however, post them or link up with a bit of sunshine because life just got away. Here are  very belated pictures!

::ten on ten::

DSC_0027 DSC_0041 DSC_0076 DSC_0069DSC_0092DSC_0080 DSC_0101 DSC_0104DSC_0112DSC_0115Pregnancy is not easy…but I love feeling this active little boy kick and looking forward to the day when we will meet him face to face.


november {ten on ten} a full HARVEST


DSC_1031 DSC_1047 DSC_1062 DSC_0057 DSC_0073 DSC_0107 DSC_0110 DSC_0119 DSC_0211 DSC_0214

We had a simple & quiet Sunday. Grant was sick again and so we had a lazy morning and afternoon full of crafts and some garden work {I cannot take credit for garden work…only enjoying the fruit of Aaron’s labor}. We had a delicious dinner at Grammy’s with Fifi and Uncle Drew and walked home late knowing we would get to sleep-in today. This month’s 10 on 10 had a prompt {A Full Harvest} that I loved. Here is how Rebekah explained the concept behind a full HARVEST: The idea that during the harvest we work relentlessly harvesting and celebrating the things we have been cultivating throughout the year. Now I don’t mean to get to deep on you here but I have in mind the idea of capturing the things around you that make your heart so full because of the work and toil and faith you have put in. What bounty are you most grateful for because you have committed to the deep, for the long haul work?

In my photos taken yesterday I noticed a theme: HANDS. We have worked hard in our marriage and to raise kids who love each other and God and to cultivate a happy family life with our extended families. I love all the HANDS that it takes to do that. Little hands that work together {brother and sister who are best friends}. The hands that love to make creative beauty in my home and all  around me. The little hands that love me even when I yell, that are growing too quick and will not make little Turkey crafts forever. My hands that love to create and love to be wrapped around warm drinks on cool days {in sickness and in health…in grief and celebration}. Hands that work and cultivate a small bounty in our tiny yard. The hands that have stayed faithful in marriage and that I have held tight {through hard fights or long nights with sick babies or tears of joy & of pain}.  My mom’s hands that have prepared so many meals and poured out love upon her kids and grand-kids for so many years. I am so thankful for our little family of helping HANDS…our harvest is FULL indeed.

And today I have such a full heart!

Thanks Rebekah.

ten on ten button


happy, happy anniversary to my favorite guy…

It’s hard to believe that our wedding day was 11 years ago tomorrow…so thankful for my man. I’m thankful for all of the ups and all of the downs that have made us who we are today. Looking forward to more ups {than downs} in the years to come! Here are several of my favorite pictures of our wedding ceremony and reception…there are a few things I would change about that day…but for the most part it was perfect! There is something so great about having everyone you love in one place…wish I could go back in time and soak it up even more! I’m also thankful for all the loved ones and friends who were a part of that day and who traveled from all over the place to celebrate with us. Ain’t love grand!?!

happy father’s day

I am really missing my Dad today. If you don’t know about my Dad’s passing you can read about it HERE. I am sad that he is not here…but longing for Heaven to see him again.
 But on a happier note, I am so thankful for my husband and the wonderful Daddy that he is to my babies. He is AMAZING and I know that my children will have very blessed lives growing up with such a great Daddy who loves them, provides for them, takes care of them, makes them laugh…I could go on and on and on.
So Happy Father’s Day to my Aaron and to you all.


I love getting away as a family or with just the girls…but sometimes married couples need alone time. We try to get away without our kids once a year or so. There have been times in our marriage where we couldn’t afford to get away but we at least could have our kids go stay with someone for a day or two and we could have a “stay-cation” at home. Whatever you are up for I think you will agree that making this a priority in your marriage as often as you can is worth it. We continue to be amazed at how helpful it can be because for the most part we just need time to remember why we like each other!
In general there are three types of trips that we like to take without kids:
::a run-around trip::
We had the chance to go to SEATTLE for my college reunion in 2012 and it was so fun to run around without our kids. We both graduated from the same school a year apart so we have a lot of mutual friends. We ran around like crazy people to see all our friends! We stayed up late, ate whatever we wanted, stayed in a small hotel room & basically did a ton of things that would have been impossible with the kids there. Sometimes we just need to be able to have fun and not worry about the kids. If you have the option of leaving yours for a few days to do something like this…do it. Even if it’s once ever 10 years…do it!
::a planning trip::
One of our goals is to spend time planning out our year and talking about basic family stuff that we have a hard time carving out time for in our day to day life. Kids or phone calls always seem to interrupt these conversations! We aim to discuss what we want to be doing as a family, what rules are working or not working for us, how can we develop different habits and goals to keep improving, what areas of our home need to be reevaluated {such as chores, duties, maintenance, schedule, yearly trips, outside activities, budget, etc}. Our goal is to come home feeling like we have had a business retreat or summit for the running of our family. Like our MILL VALLEY trip in 2013. It is great to get a bunch of this stuff done on our first few days so that we can relax the rest of the time. From then on we can basically sleep-in, reconnected and really just did NOTHING at all…and that is always perfect for this stage in our lives!::a relaxing trip::
For this kind of trip we like to do nothing, enjoy each others company, get romantic, don’t talk about kids or money or household issues…our goal is to just be together and relax. Like our HAWAII trip in 2012. This is one of my favorite types of trips now that I’m a busy mommy. As a kid, I remember getting to a place that we had traveled for hours to see and my parents would just want to relax.
What? RELAXXX???
“You guys are so boring…” I would say! 
I DID. NOT. GET. IT. I just wanted to go do something. Hadn’t we just spent hours “getting there?” But now I totally get it. Busy trips can be really fun and us Panfi’s love to travel…but once in a while we just needed some down time.
::for the kids::One more thing I try to do is pack little goodies for the kids to open each day while we are away. When we went on our Hawaii trip it was about 6 days and we had never been away from the kids that long. I got small $dollar$ items and wrapped one for each kid, for each day we were gone. I attached little love notes to each one also. It gave them something to look forward to each day and honestly I think they liked it so much that they did not want us to come home because the gifts would stop coming! Ha! I guess that means it worked!

So go plan a trip for you and your sweetheart soon. You will not be sorry!

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