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april fools {the jokes on them}

Do you like pranks?

We do.

Not mean ones. Just funny ones that will make everyone laugh!

I’m getting very excited for April Fools Day next Tuesday.

Here are a few fun pranks that I have found on the internet to get my wheels turning. Hope they inspire you too.

April+fools+pranks+for+kids+0The source of this picture can be found on THIS list {it is pretty good although there are some repeats from the other sources listed}.

I found a few kid pranks HERE, HERE and HERE.

I think the googly eye one is pretty funny and won’t get anyone too bent out of shape!

 And many of THESE would freak out some grown-ups too!

Some of THESE may be going too far but the Oreo one cracks me up!

Will you be pranking your family or coworkers or friends on April Fools Day?

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