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10611004_1507423756171297_878979199_nEverything about babies is miraculous to me.

Their start.
Their growth inside another human. For so many months.
Their birth. So many moving parts. So many steps before that first cry need to fall into place.
And then they arrive.
Every part of them from their instinct to nurse to their sweet sleep smiles is new and amazing.
Their little sounds are hysterical and their little nails grow so quick on their tiny fingers…reminding us that they are growing.
It’s refreshing to have such a new and miraculous gift in our home right now with Blake.
Even though it feels as if time is standing still during this season of life with a newborn…it also feels so quick.
I see that my sweet babes are growing emotionally and physically everyday!
And I sense that I will blink and they will be having babies of their own.
Blake, Paige & Grant you are sweet, sweet miracles from God and we {me & daddy} love you more than you will ever know. Even though I wish you could stay little forever I promise to thank God for your sweet lives everyday.
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