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Harry Potter Birthday Feast

A few years ago we decided to throw Paige a small Harry Potter Feast for a family birthday dinner we were hosting for her. She was in a truly obsessed Harry Potter mode at the time and wanted a gift that year instead of a party with friends – so we told her we would keep the family dinner party small. My mom and sister helped me run around- making this delightful spread. We shopped the house and yard for items that could work for decor. She had asked for Beef Stew for her dinner- so that went well with the feast idea and all the fruit and veggies and sides and potatoes that we threw on platters to give the look of a delicious feast. I served sparkling cider instead of butter beer because I just didn’t have time to figure out how to put that together. When she walked in the house (as the theme song from the movie played) she was surprised and happy and immediately figured out what we were trying to do with whole Harry Potter thing (that was a relief).

Here is what we did:

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We wanted to surprise her and make the dinner table like the feast Harry had when arriving at Hogwarts for the first time. Here was our version of that (including floating candles, fancy dinnerware & silver platters gushing with food and delights. We also added a cage for Hedwig and some other HP treasures.

I set out photo props from HP so she could take some photos.

We made a cake look like the one that Hagrid made for Harry.

We put up a Platform 9 ¾ sign.

We added Moaning Myrtle to the bathroom mirror & MINISTRY OF MAGIC sign to the toilet.

If you are a fellow HP fan you will easily get some of the nods towards that theme. I am not a super fan and had to rely on my sister and limited knowledge of the books/movies (so don’t judge me too harshly if we got a few things wrong- ha ha). All in all it was a magical evening and she was both surprised and delighted!

just yesterday she was ONE

My little girl turns 5 today and I can hardly believe it.

On her first birthday we lived in Fresno, had been in our first house for a year, and had made a few wonderful friends from our church.  I was recently pregnant with Grant, very sick all day and tired…but I managed to throw together a simple little party for our new friends, lots of old friends and even our dear family members who lived all over the state and even further.  In all there were around 50 people there and it really was a lovely day.

Friends and family brought food and helped me put together the few decorations I had made.  At the last-minute they frosted cupcakes for us and made ice runs to the store.  We were lucky to have such support and love!  What a great day it was and how far our little girl has come.  I love you Paige…you are a lucky girl to have so many loved ones in your life. And so are we!


happy birthday to our favorite guy

Aaron:: You are the smartest, greatest, strongest, most faithful person that I know. People constantly compliment me by saying what a great man I have…and I just think to myself “I know…how did I get so lucky? And he’s so good looking too!” You take care of us in so many big and small ways that we cannot even put into words how grateful we are to call you Husband and Daddy! Paige thinks the world of you and I can already tell that Grant cannot wait to be just like you! Love you babe!

glad to be back in the BLOG world

…I will be back to posting this week and wanted to start by saying…
Happy {belated} Birthday to my beautiful little Paigey…we love you so much!

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