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the BLOG days of {SUMMER}

To say this summer has been fun is an understatement…it has been amazing!  We have been all over the West Coast from Washington down to Orange County and lots of stops in between. It seems like one big summer party with celebration, weddings and special birthdays to attend!  All that fun has led to a lot of pictures {thanks in part to my iphone} and very little blogging.  Arrggg! But the good news is that I have projects to explain, recipes to record and travel plans to share! So stay tuned as I attempt to get caught up.  Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of our BLOG days of SUMMER!
…a month of traveling panfi’s, weddings, cousins, best friends, late nights, camping, the fair, a northwest road trip, olympics, napa porch fest with grampy’s band, fun with fifi, the beach, riding the thomas train and so much more…
P.S. If you are following me on Instagram you have seen many of these pictures of our travels this summer! If you are not on Instagram yet you should check it out.  Look at my side bar to the right go grab the AP on your phone or ipad {my username is: everydayVALENTINE}.  It is so fun and often feels like looking at a bunch of miniature blogs! xo

happy birthday to our favorite guy

Aaron:: You are the smartest, greatest, strongest, most faithful person that I know. People constantly compliment me by saying what a great man I have…and I just think to myself “I know…how did I get so lucky? And he’s so good looking too!” You take care of us in so many big and small ways that we cannot even put into words how grateful we are to call you Husband and Daddy! Paige thinks the world of you and I can already tell that Grant cannot wait to be just like you! Love you babe!

our little BUBBA is growing up so fast

It’s hard to describe how strange it feels to think of my little guy as being 3 years old! His quick arrival into our lives feels like yesterday! So much has changed for our family in these past three years and I’m thankful our silly little man has been here making us laugh through all of it. Grant is fun, stubborn, tidy, wild, musical, silly and ALL BOY in most ways. If you know him well you know that he is fiercely devoted to Buzz, Lightning McQueen and his big sister. He affectionately loves his mommy and always has fun being Daddy’s buddy! Happy Birthday Grant! Thanks for being such a cool little dude! We love you!

(P.S. happy earth day…hope you are thinking “green” thoughts today!)

happy birthday to my man

Aaron: To know you is to love you! You are a wonderful husband and amazing father and we wish you the best today & everyday! We love you!
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