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{embracing the camera}

10706667_1481937405423552_1681425958_n This is a photo that I recently talked about on Instagram…a photo from my little shutterbug-Paigey’s perspective that I don’t love of myself. But I know its good to be on the other side of the lens so I posted it on Instagram anyways. Don’t you think it’s good for mommy’s to be in the picture once in a while? There are very few pictures of my mom and us kids when we were little. This makes me sad. I want to see what she looked like when we were young and she was younger. I always think she is beautiful {regardless of what she thinks about herself}! But for some reason it’s hard for us ladies to see ourselves as beautiful and worthy of pictures. I cannot be the only mommy {or woman} out there who has a hard time embracing the camera.

But outer beauty isn’t everything. The Lord has been so kind to entrust Aaron & I with these three beautiful children and I pray that they know that any beauty in me comes from a heart full of love and gratitude for this life I’ve been given. I love being their mommy and I hope they remember how much they made me smile when they see these kind of pictures. So what if it’s not perfect. In that moment with little Blake I was so happy. And it was even sweeter that Paigey wanted to capture it with a photo. She loves being a big sister and she loves capturing life through photos {and I want her to keep doing that}. So I will keep trying to embrace the camera {even if it’s hard}!



10611004_1507423756171297_878979199_nEverything about babies is miraculous to me.

Their start.
Their growth inside another human. For so many months.
Their birth. So many moving parts. So many steps before that first cry need to fall into place.
And then they arrive.
Every part of them from their instinct to nurse to their sweet sleep smiles is new and amazing.
Their little sounds are hysterical and their little nails grow so quick on their tiny fingers…reminding us that they are growing.
It’s refreshing to have such a new and miraculous gift in our home right now with Blake.
Even though it feels as if time is standing still during this season of life with a newborn…it also feels so quick.
I see that my sweet babes are growing emotionally and physically everyday!
And I sense that I will blink and they will be having babies of their own.
Blake, Paige & Grant you are sweet, sweet miracles from God and we {me & daddy} love you more than you will ever know. Even though I wish you could stay little forever I promise to thank God for your sweet lives everyday.

{musings on MOTHERHOOD begins}

Day 1: So my 31 days of writing about motherhood begins!

I’m far from home at the moment but excited to be linking up with the Nester and hundreds of other blogger/storyteller types as we write everyday in October. I literally have a newborn in my arms and two sweet big kids fast asleep as I write this from my hotel room. I could not be more excited to explore this topic as I have a ton of thoughts about MOTHERHOOD during his phase of my life. So come join me this month and happy reading!

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musings 100



ten on ten {september 2014}

Our September has been hot, full of baby life and back to school…with some redecorating and family fun! Our weather has been in the 90’s and I am over it…I am having a hard time imagining that the Autumn season is even within our grasp. Check out how we spent the tenth day of the month from last week. As always it’s fun to link up with the lovely Rebekah at a bit of sunshine for her ten on ten project every month! Enjoy!DSC_0212 DSC_0227 DSC_0246 DSC_0220 DSC_0301 DSC_0369


DSC_0404 DSC_0416   DSC_0459


so long summer {heading BACK TO SCHOOL}

so long summer 1000Summer is almost over {even though it’s still hot around here}. The first half of my summer I was miserably pregnant and the second half I was elated with sweet Blake in my arms 24/7. I did not accomplish anything or even get out of the house from June to September. Remember THIS post about all the things I hoped to do with my two big kids? None of those things happened and before we knew it they were back to school last week.   DSC_0170 DSC_0177 DSC_0154 DSC_0147 DSC_0188 IMG_3809 IMG_3806During our “back to school” festivities we had a special first day breakfast with pancakes in the shape of a K and a 1 for their grades.


IMG_3767 IMG_3783 IMG_3774  IMG_3781  We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday with his favorite meal and a cake last week {to honor his life and not focus on the day he passed away}. I was nervous about getting the kids to school with a newborn in tow but we made it and even made it to the donut shop one morning!

IMG_3834We celebrated Paigey’s birthday with a small family party and mall outing {she got an Elsa costume, visit from Nana and Papa and many other fun gifts} this past weekend.

IMG_3981 IMG_4048 IMG_4047 IMG_3969Grammy had a birthday in there somewhere, Blake turned one month old, my brother came to town for a visit and Aaron was busy turning our backyard into a fun play zone for the kids {pictures & details coming soon}.

DSC_0196 DSC_0199 DSC_0194He is such a cutie! I have a million hashtags for Blake on my Instagram account but one of my favorites is #spikeyhairdontcare {you can find me there under the username of: everydayVALENTINE}!

With the hope of a new season upon us we are enjoying the last few moments of summer but let’s hope Fall is on its way!

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