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road trip chick dip {CORN SALSA}

 I only know two things to say about this summer treat that I love to make: First is that I have no fancy name for it but some people like to call it “Road Trip Chick Dip” (for reasons I can only imagine relate to “chick food” and people loving to snack on road trips). Second, you have to be crazy to not like it. You heard me.  Actually crazy! Okay, all joking aside this is one of the best things I know how to whip up with fresh corn and whatever veggies I have on hand.  There are a million ways to throw it together…so leave those measuring cups in the drawers and just have fun with it!

 First, cut a bunch of your favorite corn off the cob (I don’t even bother cooking it…I like sweet corn nice and raw)!
Dice up your favorite veggies! I used tomatoes, bell peppers, purple cabbage, onion and cilantro! You can also add black beans and/or avocado (just keep in mind that they can get mushy and don’t hold up as well if you are planning to eat this the next day). Spice it up with some fresh diced jalapeno’s if you so choose!
Add some fresh lime juice and/or EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil); I added a little of both. If you are scraping something together you can always add some pre-made salsa.
Season with spices of choice.  Some people like to add a dry ranch seasoning packet and a dry taco seasoning packet.
I like to simply season it with Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt and Cumin (which gives it a lovely smokey flavor). Just remember to start with a dash of the cumin, stir and taste…then add in small doses or you will get too much smokey flavor and think this salsa dip is terrible (wouldn’t that be sad).
Now stir and eat…your chips are waiting to meet this dip…they cannot wait any longer…go!
(p.s. I apologize for this lame picture!)
One quick tip (before you chips meet their dip) that I learned from Rachael Ray: Turn a small bowl upside down in a large bowl and use it as an anchor for your corn.  Then just start slicing the kernels right off the cob and you are all set. It makes this process really easy and gives the corn a perfect place to fall (don’t forget to remove the bowl)!
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