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{HOME girl} cribs BABY

If you didn’t have a chance to read about my thoughts on beautiful design vs. practical design {last week} you can find it HERE.

Most of the cribs I love can be found on my pinterest board HERE.

THIS is the crib I put on my design idea board originally. I love it!

I have always loved Jenny Lind style cribs and furniture…what do you think about THIS one? It’s cute and affordable and I can always paint over it if I change my mind on the color scheme.

THIS is the crib I found in person at BabiesRus…I love it still!

6e5d6ee7c56c738474f6c18e3f4cf45eTHIS one below is cute too {and I love both the colors it comes in}.


RH baby & child {found HERE} has gorgeous cribs. Check them out below.

rhbc_prod379000 rhbc_prod261003_B12 rhbc_prod225143_av3rhbc_prod219058_B12

Not sure what I will end up with…but I cannot wait to meet this little boy and put him to sleep in it every night!


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