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{embracing the camera}

10706667_1481937405423552_1681425958_n This is a photo that I recently talked about on Instagram…a photo from my little shutterbug-Paigey’s perspective that I don’t love of myself. But I know its good to be on the other side of the lens so I posted it on Instagram anyways. Don’t you think it’s good for mommy’s to be in the picture once in a while? There are very few pictures of my mom and us kids when we were little. This makes me sad. I want to see what she looked like when we were young and she was younger. I always think she is beautiful {regardless of what she thinks about herself}! But for some reason it’s hard for us ladies to see ourselves as beautiful and worthy of pictures. I cannot be the only mommy {or woman} out there who has a hard time embracing the camera.

But outer beauty isn’t everything. The Lord has been so kind to entrust Aaron & I with these three beautiful children and I pray that they know that any beauty in me comes from a heart full of love and gratitude for this life I’ve been given. I love being their mommy and I hope they remember how much they made me smile when they see these kind of pictures. So what if it’s not perfect. In that moment with little Blake I was so happy. And it was even sweeter that Paigey wanted to capture it with a photo. She loves being a big sister and she loves capturing life through photos {and I want her to keep doing that}. So I will keep trying to embrace the camera {even if it’s hard}!

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