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We LOVE Fall…

12145119_1691364757753297_558587174_nWe love Fall. I use a hashtag with this phrase {#welovefall} because I truly love it! My family has gotten on board because they don’t’ really have a choice. So when I say “we” it may truly be “me” who loves it.

In light of this love of a season, that comes and goes so quickly, we have enjoyed the pumpkin patch, a corn maze, dressing up as a family for Halloween, Trick-Or-Treating with our neighboors, a Costume Bash with Quest {a ministry of young adults at church that we just LOVE} and school parades and crafts. It was super fun to dress up as the Incredibles family. We are just the right cast of characters to reflect this funny cartoon fam. And while everyone I saw that night thought I had cut and colored my hair I assure that my loyalty to a costume does not run that deep.

We have been busy and were totally sick of the heat until this past week or so. I got to tap into my creative outlet by making a funny Nutella costume for our favorite babysitter {and friend} Shawna. And of course a Halloween party is just not complete without a puking pumpkin…right? I’ve also enjoyed a few PSL’s {pumpkin spice latte’s} and planning for a few events at church.

We are always at work around here but loving our silly, crazy little life {well most of the time}. You will find me posting most of my creative adventures and family photo’s on Instagram.

So as the cold weather and time change are settling in {they sort of collided all at once} I’m thankful for a chance to hunker down a little and stay warm under piles of cozy blankets every evening.

What do you do this time of year to celebrate Autumn?


{a love letter to autumn}

Dear Autumn,

Welcome back. I hope 2013 is treating you well. I have said it before and I will say it again…I love you! Thanks for being that Sweater Wearing, Boot Loving, Cider Sipping, Back to School, Pencils Sharpened, Count Our Blessings, Apple Picking, Trick or Treat, Give Thanks, Pumpkin Cooking Time of Year! I love your rainy days as much as your sunny & crisp afternoons. The smell of fires burning, the flicker of candles and the taste of candy corns & pumpkin pie make me gush! I love the crunch of your leaves under my feet and the sound of kids running around your pumpkin patches. And who can forget our “Fun Fall Dinners” each year, our Pumpkins Spice Latte love-affair and our Instagram hash tag {#welovefall} that I will continue to update until the sweet sips of egg nog  & Christmas bells begin. But lets not talk about that yet…lets just enjoy the season! XO

Sincerely {and lovingly},

Your Biggest Fan

31 days (704)


fun {FALL} dinner tradition

For the past several years we have carried out a fun fall tradition of making a comfort meal and decorating for fall on one of the first cool evenings of the season. So, a few weeks ago I made roasted chicken, roasted fall veggies, stuffing and that sort of thing!  For the table decor I used a white cloth that I had lying around, some sheet music for place mats, candles, pumpkins and miss-matched crystal.  To make it easy I did not iron the linens or fuss over it and Paige loved helping me set the table and make it pretty! Then we put a few of our fall decorations out around the rest of the house and we were officially ready to celebrate fall!


favoriteTHINGS Friday
…the colors…
…the flowers & smells…
…blankets & sweaters & boots…
…rain & leaves & pumpkins…
the list goes on and on and on!
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