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ten on ten {march 2015}

Ten on Ten brought about lots of beauty yesterday despite having a sick boy at home. It was a warm & sunny March day dripping with blossoms, being BRAVE at MOPS, a baby, toys, a trampoline, pj’s and the hope of Spring! I truly loves seeing our world through this project every month. Paigey must like it too because she remarked with a smile {as I was taking pictures in the morning} … “Is it already ten on ten again mommy?” Our girl is too cute and acting very grown up these days!                  DSC_0647DSC_0652DSC_0669DSC_0676DSC_0680DSC_0730DSC_0787DSC_0815DSC_0803DSC_0823

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ten on ten : january 2015

Our ten on ten {a day when I follow along with a bit of sunshine & take ten pictures on the tenth day of the month} was a lovely Saturday. It involved a baby sprinkle {shower} for a sweet friend, organizing the garage, legos, kids playing, coffee and ended with an evening at my moms and a yummy family dinner. Aaron chopped up our Christmas tree for out green bin and the remaining holiday decorations were finally tucked away for next year. It was the perfect weekend day…relaxing and productive and even allowed for some intentional connecting with family and friends. Truly those are the best kids of days for me…a little social, a little productive, a little relaxing and a lot of fun. Blake continues to delight our hearts and as he is approaching 6 months and it’s hard to believe we ever lived without him! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend of doing all sorts of fun and relaxing things too!

DSC_0077DSC_0070DSC_0086DSC_0090DSC_0101DSC_0128DSC_0157DSC_0130DSC_0160 DSC_0132

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{not a park mom}

I really want to be a park mom. But I’m not.

I want to say I HATE going to the park with my kids but I don’t actually HATE it. It’s a strong dislike.

Sometimes it’s okay.

The kids run in a million different directions from each other and from me.

There are a million ways for them to get hurt {or germs}.

They rarely have bathrooms.

And where is the darn shade?

And oh how I despise finding sand/bark in their shoes for days after going.

Sometimes there are mean kids {and their parents seem to be clueless or missing all-together}.

And when I meet friends it seems like we cannot even talk unless we completely ignore the kids {although this is hard any time I’m with friends & the kids}.


We all have our things we like and dislike. Even us mommies.

You can have the park…I’ll be hanging with my kids playing board games or watching a movie!


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