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favoriteTHINGS friday
Look at this sweet little vintage quilt that I picked up {for just $20} at last months Paris Flea Market in Livermore! It has several holes & some stains that I need to repair {or live with} but at that price I just had to snag it. I’m going to use it on Paige’s bed since it already has some stains. It will not be treated like a precious antique that cannot be touched…but a well love blanket that we can hopefully treasure for years to come. Think of the person who made it…what were the butterflies originally a part of…scraps of little girls dresses or old kitchen aprons? I’ll never know…but I’m glad this special treasure is now a part of our home.

When I get around to fixing these holes I’ll show you what I did!
 Do you love vintage things like me?
 Go check out Livermore’s Paris Flea Market this weekend {if you live in the Bay Area}! You will not be disappointed! Hope you find something you can treasure forever or pass on to someone you love.

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