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a great year-round dessert {coffee & ice cream FLOAT}

Here is one of my favorite treats (I think I got the idea from the wonderful Barefoot Contessa) that I have been making variations of for years.I sort of LOVE coffee more than any other food on the planet so once in a while I just have to make it! I try to throw together desserts like this because I cannot bake to save my life!It is great for one person or ten people. It’s great for a date night or entertaining a crowd or for a late night snack. And it is never out of season!
{freshly brew strong Coffee or Espresso}
{scoop good quality Vanilla Ice Cream into fancy bowls or mugs}

    {pour hot Coffee over the Ice Cream}

{garnish w/ dark chocolate covered espresso beans}

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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