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{coffee & showers}

There are two things I can never seem to get enough of as a mommy: coffee and showers.

I would like it if I could get a shower every day. And I cannot tell you how much coffee I long to drink by the hour. But mommy life makes it tough to do normal things.

As the mommy of a newborn the whole showering thing has gotten even worse…I cannot remember when I took my last shower most if the time {we are talking days here people}. And when I finally do squeeze it in I am convinced I hear the baby screaming every 5 seconds {totally relaxing right?}.

As for my beloved coffee during “mommy of a newborn” status that’s quite complicated. Just when I need it the most {thanks to late night feedings} I have to limit it for the sake of the baby. NOT fair. I love my babies and all but buckets full of coffee should be consumed during total sleep deprivation or things get fuzzy. Don’t babies get that we have needs? Why do our eating and drinking habits have to transfer through breast-milk anyways? And sometimes I am so tired in the morning that making a pot of coffee is just too overwhelming all together. I find myself heating up yesterday’s leftovers in the microwave more than I care to admit. If I thought I could accurately “pump & dump” large quantities of coffee through my system daily while wearing noise-canceling headphones & taking a quick shower…I would!

And {p.s.} lets just give a huge shout-out to the inventors of dry shampoo & Starbucks instant coffee…because a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

{I’ve posted this graphic before and still find it hysterical. I think it fits the subject well today!}



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