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Confessions of a “Surface Abuser”

Still getting organized…and not only is it well past New Years Day…but you would not have known two days ago by walking into my front room that Christmas had truly come and GONE! I have a few things left to pack up but I’m close! I recently saw this blog post about being a “SURFACE ABUSER” from Organizing With Sandy and I must confess that pictures of my home could easily appear as the perfect examples of this habit! Just ask my husband!  I am GREAT at getting things organized and TERRIBLE at keeping them that way.  Here is the evidence:
…the top of my dryer…this was organized a few months ago and looked awesome…

…the top of our computer hutch…and the top of the desk…

…the kitchen counter…(and a little “shout out” to the last pumpkin cookie of the day)…

I don’t have the guts to show the world pictures of my craft room. I affectionately call it my “Crap Room” as it constantly goes in waves of beauty and chaos.  Right now it is total chaos and for the life of me I cannot get motivated to organize it.  I am willing to show the “Before and After” pics once it reaches beauty status again! But one of my goals this year is to continue to work at the habits of “putting things away, not down” and “having a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Here’s to hoping next year I can consider myself a “Recovering Surface Abuser”…wish me luck!
Here are two more great links aClean Mama:


getting organized after the HOLIDAYS

I’m working on getting organized after the holidays!  This is how my dining room table looks right now as I’m trying to get all my holiday decor put away! Yikes!

I’m still working on it but in the meantime I stumbled upon a cool website today called:

also…I had a minute to check out this article:
Happy Organizing to you!
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