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Wrapping presents is not my favorite thing…I’m not good with the detailed folding and taping and the time it takes to wrap. And don’t even mention that the waste of throwing the paper out kind of makes my stomach hurt {that’s “mylittleGREENheart” talking for my stomach}. But once in a while I just have too. And I do love to make things look beautiful. So here are a few ideas of how I’ve wrapped gifts in a fun and somewhat GREEN fashion in the past! A little less waste is a good thing!
The kids and I stamped this paper from brown grocery store bags last year.
{If I’m being honest they were total pains when we did this and I think I yelled at them more than once during the crafting time…but hey…it looks cute!}
I made these fun “pom-poms” for my presents last year! You can figure out how to use them here!

I’ve also used brown paper bags as wrapping paper, cloth napkins and dish towels! Anthropology has great options!
I love using photo boxes for wrapping because they can be used over and over again. Or they can make nice keepsake boxes like my favorite gift to make…see how I make ornament boxes here!
A few more pretty ideas from PINTEREST:
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