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Texas {Y’ALL}

We had the pleasure of visiting Texas in the beginning of March to see Aaron’s Grandma Marlene (who we call Gigi) and Auntie Colleen! It was a great trip and the kids were amazing on the flights.  Even though we were only there for a few days we got a great little taste of their life in Dallas and look forward to going back again.  Gigi moved there from California just a few years ago and it was so nice to finally see what her life is like in Texas & see her beautiful home.
The people there lived up to their reputation of being lovely and friendly and hospitable.  My favorite example of this was from the Southwest pilot who tried to reassure a timid Paige in the cockpit…”You feeling bashful darlin’? Well that’s alright…y’all come back now you hear!”

As an added bonus Auntie Colleen gave the kids their first haircuts!  One-too-many people had been complimenting me on what a beautiful “girl” Grant was…so it was time! Paige had never even had a trim & of course when she saw Grant getting all the attention she wanted in on the action too!

Our only compliant was that we wished the trip had been longer…hopefully we’ll be back soon enough!
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