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ashley’s baby shower {for a princess in the making}

Last year I got to celebrate my friend Ashley with a lovely baby shower. Her and my sister are kindred spirits and they always make me laugh when they are together. It was a delight to celebrate her. The decor was based around Ashley’s love of pink, country music, pearls and all things pretty! We all pooled our ideas, antique baby items & time to make it work! It was so much fun decorating & making it special that I wanted to share some of our ideas in hopes that they will inspire you!
Each person at the shower filled out a {Wishes for Baby} card that we gave her later in a cute box.I made my own template but my sister found the idea on Pinterest {so there are several ways to do-it-yourself}.
Ashley loves pink, so it worked out well that she knew she was having a girl {a princess in the making indeed}! If you want to make these {Paper Pinwheels} check out Pinterest and YouTube for a ton of tutorials. Also, you can look-up these favors {Cowgirl Cookies} on Pinterest to duplicate these cute favors that sweet Ann {the hostess and baby’s grandma} made for the occasion!

We used branches and blossoms for the main centerpiece {and hung these pearls and beads with fishing line}.

At the last minute we decided to put doilies & lace around this vase. They were hand made by the baby’s great-great grandma.
 I have a few vintage baby cards that we pinned up on some twine with clothes-pins, along with some baby pictures of the mommy & daddy, around the room.
For the final touch we simply added a bunch of delicious food & punch to the scene {mostly brought by close friends attending the shower}and we were ready to part!
 There were a ton of beautiful gifts for this little babe. My sister made these adorable onesies.
My sister laughs when I say this but one of my biggest goals when I decorate for an occasion is to have the decor reflect the people or person being celebrated! Hopefully we accomplished just that with Ashley’s country inspired, pink, pearl & lace shower extravaganza!


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