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a quick recycled CRAFT

Paigey and I made this bird house out of two cardboard six-pack bottle holders. I helped her construct it and she added the stickers and coloring. She told me exactly how she wanted it.  It was not a long project but fun for her and free for me…a win/win! I hope it inspires you to go make something like this with the little’s in your life! Click HERE for more recycled crafts that you can find on Pinterest!


That’s right. You heard me! I know it sounds crazy but you too can do this. Re-purpose old things into new, recycle what you cannot use any more and/or reuse the things you already have as long as possible. You can even do this to get organized!Check out these links below:
Making Everyday Supplies Cuter 

Craft Organizing

More Craft Organizing

Storage Tips

Earth day is around the corner and while I know some people are greener than others I wanted to put a few more ideas out there to inspire those of you who may not be feeling very green. Check out my Pinterest board HERE!



Wrapping presents is not my favorite thing…I’m not good with the detailed folding and taping and the time it takes to wrap. And don’t even mention that the waste of throwing the paper out kind of makes my stomach hurt {that’s “mylittleGREENheart” talking for my stomach}. But once in a while I just have too. And I do love to make things look beautiful. So here are a few ideas of how I’ve wrapped gifts in a fun and somewhat GREEN fashion in the past! A little less waste is a good thing!
The kids and I stamped this paper from brown grocery store bags last year.
{If I’m being honest they were total pains when we did this and I think I yelled at them more than once during the crafting time…but hey…it looks cute!}
I made these fun “pom-poms” for my presents last year! You can figure out how to use them here!

I’ve also used brown paper bags as wrapping paper, cloth napkins and dish towels! Anthropology has great options!
I love using photo boxes for wrapping because they can be used over and over again. Or they can make nice keepsake boxes like my favorite gift to make…see how I make ornament boxes here!
A few more pretty ideas from PINTEREST:


Do you know about VAMPIRE ENERGY? This has nothing to do with Twilight or Halloween (I couldn’t resist referring to these) but energy that we use everyday without thinking about it and sometimes even knowing about it. Many of our appliances are using energy 24/7.  Check it out below!
If this chart is hard to read please click HERE!
Some household items can be plugged into power strips and turned off when they are not in use and others are just good to think about unplugging when you go out-of-town (even for a few days).  We’ve seen our energy bills go down by just being a bit more mindful of what’s plugged in.
So try to unplug more and hopefully you will cut energy and save some money too! Woohoo!
P.S. If you want to read more check out this article at life hacker!


Have you heard about the “Zero Waste Family” yet?
Check them out here {watch the quick video}: Zero Waste Home
Did you watch the video?
I know, I know…some of you are thinking I have lost my mind but I assure you that I have not!  Most of us cannot even fathom this life but keep an open mind. First, check out their video {if you have not already} and think about it. Maybe, just maybe, change one thing you are doing to bring less into your home so that less goes out.  I for one am challenging myself to at least be a “Less Waste Family” and I’m going to start by trying to buy in bulk more often. I do love getting my dry ingredients such as grains and pastas and beans in bulk so that is a good start for our family!  We’ll see! I’m certainly not trying that toothpaste method anytime soon!

What do you think?  Would you at least consider being a “Less Waste Home”?!

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